• Henrik Schwarz: “Trialogue” & Error

    Following from 2012’s phenomenal solo set – one of Boiler Room’s true early-era highlights – we’ve always sought to get Henrik Schwarz back on our screens. His productions and remixes for the likes of !K7 and Innervisions cemented him as a star of 00s electronic music, but more recently the ever-inventive German has been branching out —

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  • Exploring Gnawa

    “The most important single element of Morocco’s folk culture is its music: the entire history and mythology of the people is clothed in song” – Paul Bowles, American author & expat. Back in March, when Boiler Room undertook our first ever Moroccan edition, this rang especially true. We were invited out by the Dar Al-Ma’Mûn

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  • Aug 15, 2014

    Baltimore Club: Best Bits New York / 16 min

    Here's a look at some best bits from the Baltimore Club special we threw in New York. The broadcast featured not only James Nasty, Scottie B., Rod Lee, Mighty Mark and TT The Artist, Technics and numerous special guests, but also some of Baltimore's hottest dance crews. We wanna show them as much love & respect as the jocks!

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  • 25 Years of Baltimore Club

    At one point during Boiler Room’s Baltimore club music showcase, one of the scene’s great pioneers, Scottie B., got on the mic to say a few words before handing his set off to another man who helped shape the genre, DJ Technics. Scottie pointed out that this was the first time the two of them

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  • Aug 22, 2014

    Sophie Los Angeles / 36 min

    SOPHIE - the artist behind some of the most forward-thinking + infectious club music of the past 18 months - finally came through for a Boiler Room show at our Ray-Ban warehouse party. It slayed. Nothing more to say.

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  • Aug 21, 2014

    Derek Plaslaiko 12 Hour Set Berlin / 12 hr 16 min

    Make yourself comfortable...The Bunker NY resident & Ghostly International + Interdimensional Transmissions affiliate Derek Plaslaiko invited us to record this marathon 12 hour set in Berlin from what appears to be some kind of child daycare centre/ vinyl library.

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  • Aug 1, 2014

    Breakfast with Ringgo 002: MNDSGN & Swarvy Los Angeles / 1 hr 46 min

    MNDSGN is joined by Philly beatmaker Swarvy for the second episode of our Breakfast show...

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  • Jul 17, 2014

    Octave One Moscow / 1 hr 4 min

    Motor City techno pioneers Octave One shelled down the dancefloor in Moscow with this formidable live set...

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  • Cute Computer Chaos

    In advance of Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 005: Hudson Mohawke Presents Chimes, Adam Harper deconstructs the twisted cuteness and hyper-real desire driving the music of all of our performing artists. It could be all early twenty-first-century multimedia fantasy in a nutshell: strange, spectacular, seductive, almost compulsively so, all realised in hyper-glossy detail and twisted complexity.

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  • J.E.S.u.S Walks

    Tomorrow, Monday July 21st in Ibiza we bring together four goliaths of the contemporary DJ world for an world-first premiere of their new experiment, in the form of a rolling b2b2b2b broadcast: Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream und Seth Troxler, aka J.E.S.u.S. Although now close friends as much as top-tier jocks – ranking #21, #11, #70 and #5 respectively on

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