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Ever wondered what Animal Collective look like when they've just woken up? We sure did, that's why we invited them down for a little breakfast time musical session. Turned out GOOD!

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  1. guomubai at 27:57 via SoundCloud

    @bestialoculapsus: Moodymann – Meanwhile back at home

  2. guomubai at 43:09 via SoundCloud

    Oh yeah, William Onyeabor! Slowed down it sounds so dramatic.

  3. SLOTH3 at 49:39 via SoundCloud

    omfg sooo gooood! <3 thank youuu XIE XIE NI

  4. mwjaco at 1:02:06 via SoundCloud

    Can anyone ID this track?

  5. niallmunday at 5:09 via SoundCloud

    dizzy k – sweet music

  6. mwjaco at 5:05 via SoundCloud

    @random-repetition: Dizzy K – Sweet Music

  7. Yukko0516 at 0:27 via SoundCloud


  8. Gazzon at 1:37:53 via SoundCloud

    Loquiiisimoooooo electro cumbia

  9. Ålex via SoundCloud

    1:19:17 Bass Clef – Ghost Kicks in the Spiral
    1:47:50 The Dogs And Disco Rick – Do The Nasty Dance

  10. Bestialo Culapsus: A.E. at 27:57 via SoundCloud

    track id ppplease?

  11. timwi101 via SoundCloud

    anyone got full tracklist?

  12. timwi101 at 1:21:16 via SoundCloud

    Moodymann – U Ranaway

  13. Green Revolution at 0:06 via SoundCloud

    Bruce Haack – Party Machine

  14. jmsboro at 32:58 via SoundCloud

    @jmba: sorry only just seen your post, its Isolee – Keep on Dancin’

  15. koro1837 at 3:58 via SoundCloud

    Pleasant music

  16. jmsboro at 32:58 via SoundCloud

    Ye I would like to know this track also? sounds awesome! cheers

  17. JPTweak at 7:57 via SoundCloud

    aga do

  18. ciaranlohan at 1:12:13 via SoundCloud

    anyone got an ID for this one?

  19. Invisible City at 5:05 via SoundCloud

    @random-repetition: Dizzy K

  20. Fucked by horses via SoundCloud


    evian christ – drip.
    starship commander woo woo – master ship.
    fleetwood mac – brown eyes.
    DEXTER by VILLALOBOS pitched down to 112 bpm.
    Agg Report by Jane (remix).
    omar s – strider’s world.
    william onyeabor – something youll never forget (slowed).
    neil young – sample and hold.
    Suicide – Dread Baby Dream.
    terry riley
    a rainbow in curved air sound.
    Dettinger – Blond (A2 of this ep, possibly).
    pitch black city- runaway.
    j dilla – take notice [instrumental].
    steve spacek – the hills.
    dennis bovel – scientific.
    silver apples – program.
    araabmuzik – streetz tonight [may be in wrong place].
    jam city – [something off the new ep].
    burial – ashtray wasp.
    chris spedding – video life.
    bjork – cosmonogy (el guincho rmx) (selected by BR dude as AC left).

  21. Random/Repetition at 5:05 via SoundCloud

    id please?!!!

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