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To be honest, there's been a distinct lack of turntablism in the Boiler Room up until now, and who better to rectify that kind of situation than DJ Shadow.

Recognise a legend people..

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  1. NATUA at 15:36 via SoundCloud


  2. bomboclat via SoundCloud

    What’s the title of the last track with amazing vocals?

  3. Wera Decay at 5:28 via SoundCloud

    Tears on my eyes :”)

  4. TheCosbyShow at 6:58 via SoundCloud

    man I wish I could figure out this sample right here. I heard it on the record but he used so little of it.

  5. Subfader via SoundCloud

    could you enable shaing?

  6. Laurin. via SoundCloud

    pls tracklist and thats what we should call dj

  7. #DoGooder at 11:34 via SoundCloud

    seriously though joint iz heavy^ on the knox

  8. #DoGooder at 11:34 via SoundCloud

    beaties… e4t your => “bheaties”

  9. #DoGooder at 3:15 via SoundCloud

    ill t00n |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

  10. Nichtkunst at 28:49 via SoundCloud

    @jukkes: yeah please.

  11. Juk's Music Blog at 28:49 via SoundCloud

    What’s the name and versions of these 2 last songs ? Heeeeelp !!!

  12. L X at 20:32 via SoundCloud

    : )

  13. Juk's Music Blog at 5:47 via SoundCloud

    @bigmac59: What’s the name of this song ?? Beautiful mix by the way~ Boiler Room’s the best.

  14. Alfred_Hugecock at 5:47 via SoundCloud

    This song is in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 ? :o :D

  15. umba89 at 17:38 via SoundCloud

    track id please! love it!

  16. L X at 30:38 via SoundCloud

    : )

  17. L X at 26:57 via SoundCloud

    : )

  18. L X at 13:28 via SoundCloud

    : )

  19. L X at 8:20 via SoundCloud

    @0000: ID of coming song? Please help : )

  20. DJ Dionix/Dionix31 at 29:33 via SoundCloud

    Great mix man. A true inspiration. Thanks for the tunes man. Respect from the Mile High!

  21. Symbian at 22:20 via SoundCloud

    whats this song? :)

  22. Symbian at 19:45 via SoundCloud

    whats this song?

  23. L X at 8:20 via SoundCloud


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