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June/July 2014 - Boiler Room Skyy Stream

Welcome to a new streaming experience

We’re teaming up with SKYY for a series of 6 broadcasts, throughout the months June and July, to bring you an amazing selection of artists we’re thrilled to be working with across New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco
– all brought to you via clear HD SKYY stream technology.

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Program Overview

  • LA: P. Morris, Rabit, Benedek
  • SF: Vatican Shadow, Brogan Bentley
  • San Francisco: Tycho
  • LA: Low Limit, Hej Fund b2b Grenier
  • SF: Les Sins, Giraffage
  • NY: Scissor & Thread Takeover

Meet the Artists

  • Morri$

    The artist formerly known as Morri$ is an R&B enthusiast and one of the few Stateside affiliates of London’s acclaimed Night Slugs label, as well as one of the star artists at sister label Fade to Mind. Keep an eye out for his brilliant club jams!

  • Rabit

    Rabit's been lending a hand to some of the trippiest, far-out grime instrumentals as of late. Known for his delicately dangerous sounds he's a definite act to watch for anyone with an interest in new electronic music’s stranger, cyper-spaced out limits.

  • Benedek

    Los Angeles native young gun and Funkmosphere collaborator Benedek cleverly crafts funkified, bass-heavy music grounded in tradition and history, yet with his own futuristic slant.

  • Vatican Shadow

    Vatican Shadow's the techno project of Prurient mastermind and Hospital Productions honcho Dominick Fernow. More darkly atmospheric than bludgeoning, it cleverly entices the listener with intriguing soundscapes.

  • Brogan Bentley

    We’ve been a fan of Brogan’s since his tape release on Leaving Records. He weaves and combines various electronic sounds flawlessly all while giving them a rough, analogue feel; resisting an overly polished sound. The results are quite simply - tracks you can’t get out of your head or stop dancing to.

  • Tycho

    Tycho is also known as San Francisco based graphic artist Scott Hansen. Stay tuned for him and his live band’s signature synth-heavy production carrying you on an ambient, psychedelic wave.

  • Low Limit

    The LA based Icee Hot / Innovative Leisure / Numbers affiliate, who is also one half of bass-music duo Lazer Sword, has impressed us time upon time with his eclectic mixes, and his solo productions as Low Limit are full of danceable depth.

  • Hej Fund

    The Los Angeles based rhythm merchant known as Hej Fund is one half of Sister City along with Grenier, and trades liquid assets during his sets that feature a focused range of imposing architecture combined with natural sporadic occurrence throughout.

  • Grenier

    Grenier’s performance behind the decks reveals a wide-ranging taste and smart grip on all sorts of music, elegantly-paced sets full of his own productions and like-minded efforts from others. His production style is rich and welcoming, sometimes visceral but never anything less than evocative.

  • Les Sins

    Musical mastermind Chaz Bundick’s might be known to you as Toro Y Moi. He’s got a highly anticipated dance project under the alias Les Sins, and we’re more than stoked for this debut.

  • Giraffage

    Sample based electronic pop impresario Giraffage has more than definitely made a name for himself over the past year. Keeping his productions catchy and light; his upcoming performance is sure to have us dancing behind our laptop screens!

  • Frank & Tony

    Frank and Tony are best self-described as a love affair in house music. Frank’s also known as Francis Harris; recognizeable to some as his alias Adultnapper. Tony is Parisian DJ/Producer Anthony Collins, who played an integral part of Paris’ deep house culture as a former member of the remarkable, late Freak n Chic label.

  • Black Light Smoke

    Chicago native living in New York - engineer and producer Jordan Lieb melds analog house, post-punk and 80’s ballad anthems into a sound both new and nostalgic, but most of all enthralling to the listener.

  • Gry Bagøien

    Gry is a vocalist from Denmark whose music has seen involved in numerous projects; 2012 she was featured on Francis Harris’ “Leland” on Scissor & Thread. Her solo album is upcoming on the label this year - not one to miss!



You're Living in Your Mind

Written and Directed by Hannah Perry
Music collaboration with Giles King-Ashong (drums),
Raven Bush (violin), Mica Levi (turntables), Lucy Railton (cello)
Choreography collaboration with Holly Blakey


Urban Chaos

A particularly jittery man of the trees is sitting in the Woods
on an overturned log. He is pissed off, basically.

A little while ago he was sitting on a different log (in the same woods) and he was being generally jittery and pondering about something or another (that he now can’t remember) and as he was pondering he had absentmindedly made a model out of twigs. He took time out of his Pondering to hold the twigform up to the sunlight to admire his handywork. It looked a bit like a house or something, he thought. He isn’t a particularly handy woodsman but it wasn’t bad!

Anyway, somewhere along the way he had misplaced his piece of twig craft, bummer! He is in the woods and the trouble with the woods is that it is Virtually full of twigs, and so finding a twig sculpture in that mess is not easy. But he just couldn’t shake the feeling it held some significance.

As his eyes became weary with the strain of staring at the forest detritus he began to feel Woozy and so had a lean against a tree. As he was staring at a leaf trying to uncross his eyes he noticed something Courious made out of twigs. By this time it was sunset and the last of the days sun rays were peering through cracks in the trees. He held the twig form up to the fading sun. As he twirled it in his fingers his weary eyes began to spot resemblances to various things, a dog, a nose, a can of beer. At one point, as he twizzled it in his thumb and forefinger, he saw what appeared to be a moon rising above a tree. He then realised that he has gone cross eyed again and was in fact looking at a real tree in the distance beyond his twigform.

‘I need to go home’ he thought. As he took his first step forward he noticed something lodged in his big toe. At further inspection he realised that it was his original twig house, and it was absolutely Smashed to bits now thanks to him stepping on it.

Made in collaboration with Circuit Breaker.
Alex Rathbone (b. 1987, Middlesex) Lives and works in Glasgow. Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009 and is currently completing his MFA at Glasgow School of Art. He works in a mixed media style to create works that deal with a range of topics.
Circuit Breaker are an industrial band, consisting of London based brothers Peter and Edward Simpson.

X Woods
Adam Lewis Jacob
X Pondering
Kuhan Vijayatharan
X Virtually
Anna Lucia Nissen
X Woozy
Michael O'Mahony
X Curious
Kim Boredom
X Smashed
Viktor Timofeev

From February to July 2015 six artists will produce new works to exist within and contribute to Boiler Room. What comes out of these infiltrations, and how they inform our experience of this context, is yet to be seen. The project was conceived of and curated by Guy Gormley and developed in collaboration with Boiler Room and the participating artists. Design concept by Amy Preston.

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8:00PM GMT

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(b. 1984, Chester) Lives and works in London. Works in installation, print and video. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2009 and from The Royal Academy of Arts in 2014. Continuously generating and manipulating materials, Perry develops a sprawling network of references, carefully exploring personal memory in today’s hyper-technological society.

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Alex Rathbone


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Made in collaboration with Circuit Breaker.

Alex Rathbone (b. 1987, Middlesex) Lives and works in Glasgow. Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009 and is currently completing his MFA at Glasgow School of Art. He works in a mixed media style to create works that deal with a range of topics.

Circuit Breaker are an industrial band, consisting of London based brothers Peter and Edward Simpson.

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Rhys Coren


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(b.1983, Plymouth, Devon). Lives and works in London. He graduated in Art & Visual Culture at UWE, Bristol, and is currently completing his postgraduate program at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Working across painting, animation, sound and text, his work takes influence from music, experimental and abstract film, cartoons, poetry, people, story-telling, subculture and design. He is also the co-founder of Opening Times.

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Benedict Drew


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Mark Leckey


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(b. 1964, Birkenhead, Wirral) Lives and works in London. Graduated from Newcastle Polytechnic in 1990. Works with collage, music and video. Notable video works include Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999) and Industrial Lights and Magic, for which he won the Turner Prize in 2008.

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Richard Sides
& Andrew Munks


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Where do we go when our dog pooing is eternal and our cultural oppression is dominated by yupster hybrids? Mobilised from Rotherham and gentrified by themselves, Euro - the joint product of Richard Sides and Andrew Munk - was the pathetic thesis of the neu-neutral, bioaesthetix immersion zone.

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