1st Birthday/ A Very Special Live Performance, Jackmaster b2b Ben UFO b2b Oneman, Jamie XX, Floating Points, Kutmah & The Shining

Right, so the time has finally come for us to celebrate our first year of Boiler Room. Has it actually been a year? Maybe it’s longer.. but lets us just agree to celebrate it’s been going for a while and the weekly sessions probably go some way toward explaining why it’s all a little hazey and jeez would you just shut up already.

photo: Dave Swindells

What a year it’s been though. To everyone who has gazed into that webcam, gazed into a screen to see what’s happening on the other side of the webcam, and anyone who has been in close proximity to the webcam – we’d like to show love. Well done guys.. you know what you should do, you should come celebrate with us.

photo: Steve Braiden

So a birthday party on this scale needs a good DJ right? Well how about the 3 best DJs in the country going back 2 back 2 back for 3 dreamy little hours? Yeah man, i’m fucking down with that shit. So that’ll be Oneman, Ben UFO and Jackmaster guiding you through the dopest shit.. ahhh yeah!

XLR8R recently did a feature on the three (we’d say they read our minds, but isn’t this kind of thing just on everyone’s minds all of the time), in which they talk about the smell of fresh acetate, saying “errrrrm.. house music” a lot and the importance of the dancefloor. Which pretty much sums up why we love them.

You know we can get down to the live stuff too though, and that’s why we’ve got our favourite pair to come down and bless Boiler Room once again. We’d hoped maybes at least most of you would know by now, but there was a big clue anyway. They’re the best, they’re just the best – come down, you’ll enjoy it.

It’ll also be the first time you our session goes beyond the one room, in the form Room 2. A place usually there to service your avoision of people you don’t want to speak to. Not today though guys! We’ve got so much good stuff in there you might struggle to differentiate between the numbers 1 and 2 for a while. With sets from Jamie XX, Floating Points, Kutmah and The Shining – all of whom have blessed the Boiler Room before and left a distinguishing mark upon it.

So, get yourself a ticket – http://www.etickets.to/buy/?e=6814

‘Live From’ – FACT x Young Turks – Jamie xx b2b Oneman by BOILER ROOM

Boiler Room x Goodhood – Floating Points by BOILER ROOM

BR #50 Kutmah by BOILER ROOM


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