Alex Seidel “Boogie Down Sessions”

Money $ex Records is back with more plunder. Onto their fourth drop this year, the tearaway imprint helmed by Max Graef, Glenn Astro and OYE Records’ Delfonic is developing into a neat family scrapbook. After special projects from themselves and friends like IMYRMIND and Hodini, MS004 introduces a new character into the fold. The dynamic debutante in focus is Alex Seidel, a 19 y/o speedball who we’ve been excited to showcase properly on BR since our surprise meeting with him at last month’s Tartelet showcase in Copenhagen.

His five-tracker fits neatly along the grain of Graef and Glenn’s world: warm and wandering house music cut together with swung kicks, clever sampling and an utter gorge of groove. “Boogie Down Sessions” might be most unique going though: a paranoid club jam cut through with ratatatat snares, twitchy bleeps and gateaux-rich chords. Snappy, rhythmic and wonderfully deep.

Grip the whole thing on October 5th.

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