Boiler Room London | Postponement

We are sad to announce that as a result of the Queen’s passing last Thursday, Southwark Council has withdrawn the permission for Boiler Room London to take place on Saturday 17th September.

We are devastated to not be able to move forward on September 17th. Both Southwark Council and ourselves have looked at every avenue to ensure it can go ahead, however, for the reasons outlined below, Southwark Council and the Metropolitan Police will not permit them to at this time.

The government guidance says events can still go ahead if the organiser wishes, why has this one been cancelled?
Southwark Council are the landowner of Burgess Park and therefore have the ability to cancel the event for reasons of reputation and also for public safety. In addition to this, we work closely with the Safety Advisory Group which includes members of London Ambulance Service, the Metropolitan Police and Environmental Health, all of whom will no longer have the resources to support the event going ahead this weekend.

Why does it matter that these authorities aren’t available, I thought you have your own security and medics?
Whilst we do have our own resources that are paid for by the event, all events in Southwark have to work closely with the authorities who give resource to the events to ensure protection of the event locally. They need to be reassured that in the event of an incident occurring at the event there is enough police resource and ambulance resource to deal with this and unfortunately all resource is being drafted in to support with the Queen’s funeral.

Why are some other events still going ahead?
Every event will have a different landowner and local authority involved in planning and the location of the event will play a big part in decisions. Burgess Park and the borough of Southwark are heavily involved in Operation London Bridge and as such will not be able to facilitate any events in the borough of Southwark during this time.

What will happen with my tickets?
Your tickets will remain valid for the new date TBA, where we hope to host the same lineup — we’ll be in touch shortly with a new date. If you can't make the new date once it’s announced, you can request a refund here or via your tickets on the app.

For any questions or queries, check out the DICE help center or reach out via your tickets in the app.

—BR x