UK: Can Nightlife be Saved? Live from Fabric


Fabric is fighting a battle to stay alive. 40% of London venues have closed in the past 10 years. There is a clear disjoint between not just generations, but between communities and the bodies they elect; between cultural spaces, and those who wield regulatory powers over them. It's a bleak scene.

Following panels on Brexit and Black Lives Matter, and in the shadow of Fabric's closure becoming worldwide news, we turn to discuss one of the most pressing issues in contemporary London: the challenges facing nightlife, and the slow erasure of culture from the city.

The panel, chaired by BR's Gabriel Szatan, comprise of: Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South + Finsbury; Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam; outspoken artists and Fabric regulars, Goldie and Artwork; Alex Benson from Bloc; Dan Beaumont from Chapter 10, Dalston Superstore and (the now sadly shut) Dance Tunnel; and, naturally, Cameron Leslie, co-founder of Fabric.

This is major issue that requires immediate attention and a nuanced solution to #savenightlife. Thanks to the NTIA, Time Out London, DJ Mag, Mixmag, Crack Magazine, Warehouse Project, Resident Advisor, Thump, Rinse FM & many others who have joined with us on this issue.

To help Fabric's appeal, and the fightback of UK club culture, head here:

For more info on the NTIA's fantastic work, scope this:

Read more on local nightlife battles fought in your area:


Emily Thornberry — Islington Council MP-profile-image
Emily Thornberry — Islington Council MP
Mirik Milan — Amsterdam Night Mayor-profile-image
Mirik Milan — Amsterdam Night Mayor
Alex Benson — Bloc-profile-image
Alex Benson — Bloc
Dan Beaumont-profile-image
Dan Beaumont
Cameron Leslie — Fabric-profile-image
Cameron Leslie — Fabric
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