French Fries

50 min

Did you all know that French Fries is the number one french guy in the world right now? He's even halfway towards being the best thing to come out of France since the French Fancy (note: did some research and French Fancies aren't French at all, what a scam).


Maxim Sinclair & Paul Benjamin - ****

DVA - Ganja (French Fries Remix)

Chaos In The CBD (French Fries & Bambounou Remix)

Randomer - Brunk

Manaré - Sun Shower

Dark Sky - High Rise

Pearson Sound - Stifle

Greenmoney - Into You (French Fries Remix)

Champion - Motherboard

Bambounou - ****

French Fries - Yo Vogue

Strong Souls - Hums

Breton - RDI (Girl Unit Remix)

French Fries - Champagne

Visionist - Come In

French Fries & Bambounou - Hugz

50 min