Babicka & Mic Mills present MBM “Write A Luv Song”

With both MBMers having recently come through for our Label Spotlight in their own backyard, it’s thoughtful of them to provide a more tangible souvenir for us to take home from Adelaide – and “Write A Luv Song” is both enjoyable and inscrutable enough to hold interest for the entire long-ass long-haul. You’ve got subsumed bells and depth-charge bass; weird plasticky pockmarks, like someone popping bubble wrap underwater; synthetic wonky tones, seemingly triggered on a real drum kit at will; and, ironically enough, a lack of consistent untzz.

Still, everything joins up neatly, forming a real toe-tapper: a boiled-down representation of a killer 12″ that wantonly disregards the rules at every turn, but just works. Yet another slipstream feeding into the deluge of great music lately coursing out the Down Underground (coining it).

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