Basic Soul Unit “Landlocked”

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Basic Soul Unit — Stuart Li’s musical alter ego  — is a supremely underrated and versatile controller of both decks and the DAW. Now based over in Toronto, his footprints can be found across the discographies of Crème Organization, Nonplus+ and Ostgut Ton; regularly prancing between the acid-laced and soulful peripheries of house and techno with ease. “Landlocked” is no languorous stroll; the furthest from it in actual fact. Beginning with waist-high levels of pummelling techno, the build up into Spartan mind-melter is a brash, yet welcome one.

It acts as the first taste of his new album Under The Same Sky which lands on October 16 via Dekmantel (the label namesake of the festival, FYI). Let’s just say that you’ll be reading about Dekmantel a whole heap over the next week or so. We’d say keep your eyes peeled, but “Landlocked” may do that for you.

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