Benedikt Frey “Out of the Fog”

Two years on since his BR debut in Berlin, our attention is drawn once again to Benedikt Frey and his Lopasura (Love, Pain, Sunshine & Rain) imprint. Since its 2012 formation, Lopasura has housed Benedikt’s own releases. Following on from the Connect Four compilation by Drvg Cvltvre, Mark Forshaw, The Acid Mercenaries and Benedikt himself, he now returns with the label’s fourth release. Out of the Fog showcases a trio of analogue-laden techno mastery. The title track opens proceedings fittingly. Acid low-tessitura chords hiss continuously underneath while siren synths whir in and out in their grandeur, peaking to symphonic effect before fading back into the dark. A sense of drama that encompasses Love, Pain, Sunshine & Rain comprehensively.

Catch Out of the Fog creeping out of the shadows on 21st April via Lopasura.

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