Blue Daisy & Angel Haze Remix Psychologist

Here’s a couple remixes of an artist called Psychologist, by those guys known individually as Blue Daisy and Angel Haze. They’re available to download so go wild on them. There are hundreds of reasons why you should give them a listen, but here are five of our favourites.

1. There’s howling like a wolf at the beginning

2. The Blue Daisy remix is a ‘Dreamy Days’ remix. Which reminds you of being very young and buggin’ to Roots Manuva

3. It’s set to autoplay and if you’re reading this you can’t avoid it

4. They’re both dope

5. This is coming out on Not Even, and is due in shop on August 15th. You can also catch Blue Daisy performing as part of the Psychologist live show on Thursday 11 August at London Elektrowerkz.

Tickets from EYOE

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