Buz Ludzha “Vibradreams”

Despite his direct descent to the “tape throb” lineage, longtime All City affiliate Buz Ludzha (aka The Cyclist) now looks to break new sonic ground with his latest Basslines for Life EP (following on from his 2014 “Basslines for Death“). These four original tracks play on the EP’s title with gritty drums, factory line rhythms, synth decay and motorised bass lines – marking his first venture with LA label 100% Silk. “Vibradreams” (which also closed Silk’s Upfront last year) exemplifies the new musical realm Buz Ludzha is exploring: cassette textures with pitch-bent acid squelches and synth melodies streaked with gain.

Keep eyes peeled for Basslines for Life dropping soon via 100% Silk.

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