CFCF “Rain Dance”

After a healthy slew of releases a few years back, Canadian softly-softly enthusiast Mike Silver‘s output quietened down a bit. That relative hibernation is now thankfully over, with two separate full-length projects due out over the summer. It’s like what they say about (night) buses, etc etc. Having talked up his fondness for timbral delicateness for a while now – not to mention outright tipping the hat to Ryuichi Sakamoto and Laraaji in recent press releases – it’s good to see him go whole hog on The Colours of Life.
The piece is 40 minutes of unbroken fourth world-y bliss, gorgeous vistas of sound sketched with the lightest of touches. Intended to be heard whole, we’ve pulled the fifth phase out here for closer inspection, but it could have just as easily been “Melting The Ice”, “Imagination” or any of the other composite parts. You’ll have to wait until August 14th for the full release – and could there be any label more fitting to do the honours than 1080p? No, no there couldn’t.


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