Chambray ‘Untitled (Len Faki Untitled Mix)’

You can spot Jimmy Edgar‘s homegrown imprint from twenty paces — someone at BR HQ genuinely peered at my screen and said, “bit of Ultramajic, eh?” while I was typing this. The warped club constructions falling off the label’s assembly line take many forms, but often serve as an aural reflection of that typically eye-popping artwork: synthetic, pneumatic, and kinda sleazy.

Chambray’s “Rub” flew the freak flag high all through the summer. Now, as a bonus on his Rub Remixes, we have a remix of deep cut “Untitled” by none other than Len Faki. The longstanding techno don remoulds the track into the kind of functional, weaponised tool that laid our Berlin space to waste back in April.

Chambray 'Untitled (Len Faki Untitled Mix… by brtvofficial

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