At Home with Claas Brieler


Hidden away in the quiet north of Berlin lies the home and record vault of Claas Brieler, member of the legendary Jazzanova collective and one of the minds behind Sonar Kollektiv – a label that defined the sound of Berlin like few others. Sonar Kollektiv has been the first outlet for many of the biggest producers of today, like Dixon and Âme (who went on and started their own Innervisions label), Ben Klock or even Eric Wahlforss (the founder and CEO of Soundcloud).


His collection is the warm heart of his home. While renovating his apartment and living on a construction site for the past months it has stayed an oasis that resonates the love and passion Brieler puts into listening and playing music.


Entering the room you feel immediately that its home to someone who preserves music culture through sharing it with an audience. He doesn’t collect records to file them or because he’s obsessed with a certain niche – Claas Brielers collection is a mirror of his child-like curiosity and excitement for great music. He’s a crate-digger to the bone and spends his time in obscure antique shops in the suburbs of Berlin or Caracas, rather than going through pages and pages of Discogs listings.


His boundless energy and inquiring spirit made him a glove-fit for our Sessions series. Needless to say, this is a show to score in your diaries in red biro. For more information on the broadcast, head over here and cop a first look at the session in the photos below!






Will Davenport

Will Davenport

Will is a Boiler Room project manager and contributing writer.

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