The free Crowdsourced Sample Pack is finally here
It's finally here...

*drum roll accompanied by an ascending sine wave followed by a single chime*



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A large, royalty-free compilation of thicc drums, inspired melodies and realistic bodily secretion sounds - this pack is a culmination of all the homemade odds and ends people kindly submitted for our guests to fuck with. While there'll be some little cuts that viewers of the show might recognise, there's a few that haven't really had their chance to shine.
That's where you guys come in.

It's been sorted as best we felt we could after removing everything anything that blatantly wasn't made by the person submitting. Given that everyone submitted whatever they wanted the ratios of sounds in each category are a little skewed. There's heaps of foley sounds and digitally processed fx madness (which, lets be honest, is the kind of stuff you want sound packs for, right?) with some tidy drums and one shot synths to enjoy.

Furthermore, as our way of saying thank you we've even added copies of the flagship track from each episode as well a few little bonus clips cut from the show stems.
Don't say we're not good to you.

Here's a minute long demo of the sounds in the pack featuring snippets from Rocco Tavu, Comrade Massie, Watgood, Casement, Jackson Swaby, Ellzo and KMRU respectively:

While a great deal of care has been taken to ensure this sample pack is completely original and copyright-free, the nature of having an open collaborative platform means that we might have missed a few instances of plagarism. If you feel you've encountered any of this material elsewhere then we'd appreciate you reporting it here and we'll see that it's dealt with immediately.


We'd like to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who uploaded - here's a full list of contibutors with all their messages of support, death threats and quasi-religious ranting ordered chronologically. Folk who opted to be a part of the sample pack are highlighted to show their inherent moral superiority.

Date Alias Artist Page(s) Message
2017-11-27 11:26:29 gese da O mad luv to errrrbody on this amazing project!
2017-11-27 11:27:56 Chirpsehill   My favourite part of the body.

Shoutout to my mum.
2017-11-27 11:35:25 sordid Hey Sam! Super big fan (my picture of your 3 EPS got a feature on the XL Recordings insta / you retweeted that shit @dsikimil)

Attached is a sample from a game I play when im not making beats called Dota 2, its Storm Sprit's remnant sound effect. The first is when you cast it, the second is when it explodes. There a lot of cool things I think you could do with it, would be a good space filler or even maybe some sort of perc?
2017-11-27 11:53:42 Sora stuff i found, made and processed - shoutout to sam g for being a genius / shoutout to all brazilian producers
2017-11-27 11:54:41 Mickey MAN FLESH
2017-11-27 12:04:00 DJW These samples are years old. They're part of my back archive when I started out producing stuff and I randomly sorted these into ringtones that I would personally use so the cut offs are random.

Thanks for the opportunity!

p.s much love to Sam G! HUGE FAN, can't wait for future stuff and live dates, hopefully London?? ;)
2017-11-27 12:25:27 david.cuf , , Hey sam! been following your music for a minute. Thanks pushing the envelope of sound. Here are a few sounds I've designed and plan on releasing in a sample pack. Cheers!
2017-11-27 12:33:01 LonsterLON shouts out to marge simpson, ye she's the second most annoying simpsons character but that's the mum's role for everyone who has a sister!
credit to this youtube video's author

and of course moe, or as the ladies like to call him, hey you behind the bushes!
2017-11-27 12:40:36 julniko my heart is in...
2017-11-27 13:16:05 why though, I made this 808 for my second album produced for the rap group SWEATY GANG. I hope you enjoy this bass hit, shoutout to mi mum who cheated on mi dad in the club with me standing next to her. i cry every night
2017-11-27 13:21:32 Dream. Hello Boiler Room, I think this is one of the greatest ideas ever, I have been producing music and creating sounds for awhile now (8+yrs) and I've always wanted to hear what another person can do with what I've made, it always has interested me to do something like this so here are 6 samples exclusively for this project from my Dream Sample Pack.
2017-11-27 14:29:31 Tromac Pineapple Just a random sample i flipped and some chords i made.
2017-11-27 14:50:01 ben o'regan shoutout my brother josh Xox
2017-11-27 14:54:08 rejectdamain hey everyone these are some sounds from my sample pack im making, i recorded these sound from iPhone. hope you guys can make some dope sounds
2017-11-27 15:05:36 Ellzo Hey, so narrowing down this selection was hella tricky lol. Goodluck synth-e-sam!

2017-11-27 15:09:19 S. Lyre Shout out to girlfriend's nephew for having cool baby toys to record the sounds of.
2017-11-27 15:10:39 gladitsnight Hey Sam, big fan of what youve been putting out. Recorded some of these on a handy recorder and the others were loops ive put together.

Shout out from across the pond in Canada.
2017-11-27 15:14:42 denzelworldpeace :)
2017-11-27 15:23:45 denzelworldpeace :)
2017-11-27 15:38:48 Evan Breezewood & Hey Everyone at Boiler Room, I uploaded a voice memo to explain my choice of samples. It's named "introduction."

Thank you for listening,
2017-11-27 15:38:51 Makzo YOO Sammy g you're a legend. Escapism 1, 2 and 3 are all masterpieces. link and build fam?

kidding, keep it up. much love from canada. hope you like the samples

-zack aka makzo
2017-11-27 15:54:26 Flash Frequency Live Looping Recordings of a piano processed through multiple effect units. Sounds like a piano is drowning in your uncles hot-tub on a rainy day.
2017-11-27 16:08:51 Mirazu my fl just crashed so im doing this lmaooo
2017-11-27 16:26:23 Roto
2017-11-27 17:18:30 Saft   Enjoy.
2017-11-27 17:42:31 LOSTC_ITIES An 808 I made. Shoutouts to Tek.Lun and all beat makers from Kenya. Keep doing you! You inspire TF out of me!
2017-11-27 18:14:47 VALENTINE Shoutout to my boy Chuck Sutton for making this hilarious sample during one of our Skype calls, be sure to go check out his incredible music (heavily inspired by Sam G) at
2017-11-27 19:27:14 umru these are all from my sample pack whih im going to shamelessly plug its out now on splice haha go buy it pls thank u ily
2017-11-27 20:10:16 Leotrix i made this sound on my korg volca keys. a little analog synth. enjoy. hope u make a lush beat out of it!
2017-11-27 20:26:34 SAFETY BOY   many thanks 2 dennis hopper for this clip
2017-11-27 20:29:20 Jono Das Samples that I have been meaning to flip but haven't.

Shout out Vanilla Ice.
2017-11-27 22:30:01 TA5H  
2017-11-28 4:08:31 Slinging Slasher I luv sam g,I hope him used those funny sample,lol
2017-11-28 6:05:53 Beya Likhari,,, This sample is one of the first vocal recordings I ever made when I started writing music. Recorded it with a logitech headset mic. thought it would be cool to submit!
2017-11-28 6:21:02 Shawn Cartier This is probably one of the weirdest samples I've heard this sounds like some religious crazy talk but turns into an insane children's story! Also musically it being very very subtle feel like this could be incredibly versatile as a sample. I have had to upload in 3 parts. big up Quest 808 everytime
2017-11-28 6:39:09 Surge this is a whole beat I chopped up and this is the best parts in it I guess. ya'll can make something with that?
2017-11-28 7:34:44 lude jaw    
2017-11-28 8:32:02 DAKOTA SIXX WWW.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/DKTASIXX Here's some vocals I recorded for a track I produced called How U Feel (please contact me if you would prefer the dry vocals)

Hope to hear back from you guys sooooooon :)
2017-11-28 8:35:26 Pura Pura This is one of my favorite sample, the GTA Vice City menu start sound
2017-11-28 10:28:53 dydx some sounds from songs i made
2017-11-28 10:51:27 XXillz ay, check out the group and download this

i make lots of samples, maybe you will like one or two in this pack (its 600+ files)

cheers xx
2017-11-28 12:01:16 Lewis Cullen just some random samples i recorded with my phone over time
2017-11-28 12:46:09 Sh?m big up
2017-11-28 15:02:30 Pink Shit Pinkshit1 is a melody on a track I work now

Futuristic trip is as it sounds :)
2017-11-28 17:12:10 Jon Kluti , The sample consists of a sound cut of a microwave door opening with a double delayed chord.

Shout out to the Boiler Room Team all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.
2017-11-28 19:12:48 Smyth Yo Sam G you're the reason I started making music two years ago. I'm using this sample in a project right now and I'd love to see how you use it.
2017-11-28 19:18:59 sport7000 Samples i have gathered and altered and/or created myself.
2017-11-28 19:54:03 pierce mynip   this better be free on your soundcloud later, ready for new releases, put up some footage from camp flog gnaw, and pls remake fdb remix
2017-11-28 20:11:07 Roo first one is charlie sheen in some interview saying crazy shit. next is a japanese girl trying to say the lyrics to space jam. third is some sort of kickball i forget where I originally got it. fourth is a cricket i recorded in my backyard. lastly i think this was some packaging at a convenience store i rustled a bit. Love you guys, Love Sam, see you guys on stream :)
2017-11-28 20:19:54 North Not sure which key they are in but most of these samples are from a Micro Korg XL running through guitar pedals and an Roland Sp404 sx, and a Roland Octapad.

One of the samples is 134 BPM

Much love from Alaska
2017-11-28 21:43:03 Big Shovel

Make a banger with it. Shoutout to my city Ottawa.
2017-11-29 0:39:23 Dandan the Pieman   just some weird ones from my library
2017-11-29 2:45:37 Speaker Louis Here's a couple of homemade bass samples, originally made for dnb / glitch hop / bass music
2017-11-29 7:35:17 Lukaslyrestam Yo! Selection of beats + synths from tracks that didn't make it to the cutting room, curious sketches and lost ideas. Enjoy x
2017-11-29 11:10:02 MADARA Hehey there, here are some of my own vocal recordings that I made on floating boat house studio in Amsterdam. Some lyrics are from my own songs, some, just made up on the spot.

Hope you like it ;)

2017-11-29 11:46:53 Lucky Luciano    
2017-11-29 12:27:22 Snakeman aka Heels & Souls few samples of rips from my collection.

Shout out to all my snake brethren
2017-11-29 12:42:50 DIOGO "MY LEGS!!" Spongebob running gag

Recording as a few versions
2017-11-29 15:11:43 Zack Novia What's gucci! I am mainly a hip hop producer, I have produced live before on a website called SonicBox. I am so down to do this again because it's super fun.
2017-11-29 15:56:39 LoVibe. bone soda everywhere ノノ
2017-11-29 16:08:15 Hambling some shiny sounds & obscure vocal samples.

shouts to Ciaran UFO
2017-11-29 18:37:22 godzillaboy let that chord change melt you bro
2017-11-29 18:48:47 godzillaboy SHOUT OUT TO STOCKY BEROWNE
2017-11-30 5:26:09 Snakeman aka Heels & Souls preeetaaayy preeetayyyy good
2017-11-30 6:45:19 SHEGAN    
2017-11-30 7:12:17 Octavius Erre's a treat for yuh Jordan. Do your worst Sam ahahha.


2017-11-30 9:17:33 WIZZLEWIZEBITCH   Sammy Gang 4 LYF FAM
2017-11-30 11:18:50 Flying Turtle A few samples from our latest sound library / sample pack - Electrify. Full of great electrical sound effects and ambiences

Shout out to The Pangolin for making it happen, and for the hard work on our next library
2017-12-01 17:28:53 VESHZA shoutout curry & peanut butter sauce that shit ill.

also @veshza
luv yall
2017-12-02 7:36:21 Midweek Special big love
2017-12-02 11:25:52 Lonely Kid @lonelykidmusic I submitted a wav of my laugh and I was laughing at alpacas because I've never seen one in person. I want to shout out Sam g for recommending the movie Sabrina, that movie is for sure my favorite movie. (Any other recommendations sam?)
2017-12-02 12:01:28 Usurp Much love to Massie each and every!
2017-12-02 13:52:29 rocco-san scream
2017-12-02 23:36:34 YENESIS *handmade authentic samples*
have fun !
2017-12-03 0:31:16 kanye muthafuckin west aaah hmmm mmm ohhh ah ooh AH oou
2017-12-03 6:24:09 shaggy rum  
2017-12-03 6:27:31 Digital Mozart  
2017-12-03 6:29:53 Digital Mozart    
2017-12-03 6:30:42 Digital Mozart    
2017-12-03 6:32:06 Digital Mozart    
2017-12-03 6:33:06 Digital Mozart    
2017-12-03 6:34:13 Digital Mozart    
2017-12-03 6:34:40 Digital Mozart    
2017-12-03 8:11:01 MORE//NIGHT some sounds init
2017-12-03 9:23:37 griosso   hi sam, If you read this I just want to thank you for all your music that makes my days so much better. may god bless you. I love u

those are sum samples that I randomly recorded or made. have fun!!!
2017-12-03 9:27:39 Loopalike I've sent three clips from a Dutch fairtytale amusement park. Mysterious and ambient sounds that really fit Sammy G's style I think. His Jungle Waters tracks reminded me of the amusement park so I think he'll be able to to make something with this!
2017-12-03 9:56:07 bonjr This series looks cool,

I just submitted the most random files I could find lol, mainly never-to-be-finished wips.

If you end up using any of these, would appreciate the credit.
2017-12-03 10:50:15 Yushuf Shoutout sammy g for being a musical genius and changing the sc game
2017-12-03 11:53:15 dripwork go nuts.

s/o to Wize for hosting and putting this together and s/o to my awesome wife Valerie Bose for buying me some airmax 97s the other day
2017-12-03 11:53:42 GooMar let's get dirty with it
2017-12-03 12:04:07 leonpi So much respect for Sam G. Looking forward for his second Boiler Room.
2017-12-03 12:05:16 gvo    
2017-12-03 12:15:09 klemsis klemsis kick it up
2017-12-03 12:25:46 oaderibigbe I love u Sam!
2017-12-03 13:27:30 Ash Carr here are a few samples that I've recorded
2017-12-03 13:57:35 Lil Blanky   Shoutout to Demolition Dave!
2017-12-03 13:59:09 Wajod   teklife till tha next life
2017-12-03 14:02:23 too many machines obscure brazilian sound vocals fo yo delight

this is actually not my copyright but im sharing anyway coz you can chop it. i agree to the terms but it probably won't qualify.
2017-12-03 14:06:11 kot911  
2017-12-03 14:09:26 Babylesgo   vocals you need NOW
2017-12-03 14:16:15 Dr human tuvan troath singing
2017-12-03 14:22:50 antekgrzanka   OG Blade runner shit
2017-12-03 14:39:48 Sensi Sye its a piece of a track i made, but not gonna finish bc idk, but its on 82 bpm, just cute
2017-12-03 14:40:10 Joel   Flip something from Hudmo's Butter!! haha.

Sam, your music always gives me goosebumps. It never fails.
2017-12-03 14:47:08 Kai Whiston  
2017-12-03 14:51:44 Dirty Pilgrim    
2017-12-03 14:58:11 Rustie   Ahoy mate.
2017-12-03 15:06:20 VHOOR Love You Boys
2017-12-03 15:09:29 basedrojas with "uuuh.mp3" just pitch it how ever u want to make it sound gud.
2017-12-06 19:21:10 SHARKTOOTH 2 Sample Loops_94BPM

1. Rhodes MK1--> Choice Pedal Chain

2. Top Shelf Ambient Filler
2017-12-10 15:02:59 - -  
2018-01-09 8:06:57 Al Hug   DISTORTED DRUMS
2018-01-09 8:26:54 Kryo God bless y'all. keep creating
2018-01-09 8:47:16 So Sus This is from my unreleased some pack. A few cool sound that I have made myself.

Also Shoutout to the whole Crystals squad
2018-01-09 9:10:18 yosoypablo s/o to the papersquad
2018-01-09 9:27:16 MZBeats. I was wondering if you would take the time to check these track I made. Thanks!
2018-01-09 10:06:24 rejectdamain hey everyone heres some more samples i did. this time, i decided to record some funny vocals and some cool field recordings. hope you guys dig them and have a laugh. much love from ya boi rejectdamain.
2018-01-09 10:14:03 naturalistic ethics naturalisticethics soundcloud Cartoon Samples, love u guys, keep doing that crzy shit!
2018-01-09 12:20:30 Andy Menutti Handsonic Timbals conga Toc Toc Loop


Pluck string pizzi
2018-01-09 12:38:18 skullkid wassap oshi ~

was nice running into you at the in n out in santa clara a while back. hope you enjoy these samples - i was going for sounds that reminded me of flowers and sunsets. hope you find what you're looking for.

2018-01-09 14:47:31 tonyhoterry15 Samples are respectively
Seleritus by Ahmad Jamal
Image by Brian Bennett
Nao tem Nada Nao by Marcos Valle
2018-01-09 14:51:36 Marv The Kid Dear oshi

I made this sample but i couldn't finish a beat with it for some reason. Please put me out of my misery and do a jazzy madness with this. Big up ballers United!

From Harvey J (MTK)
2018-01-09 14:51:39 Marv The Kid Dear oshi

I made this sample but i couldn't finish a beat with it for some reason. Please put me out of my misery and do a jazzy madness with this. Big up ballers United!

From Harvey J (MTK)
2018-01-09 14:51:43 Marv The Kid Dear oshi

I made this sample but i couldn't finish a beat with it for some reason. Please put me out of my misery and do a jazzy madness with this. Big up ballers United!

From Harvey J (MTK)
2018-01-09 14:51:51 Marv The Kid Dear oshi

I made this sample but i couldn't finish a beat with it for some reason. Please put me out of my misery and do a jazzy madness with this. Big up ballers United!

From Harvey J (MTK)
2018-01-09 18:44:51 Feeling Pump  
2018-01-09 22:37:13 mirasi some indian samples for oshi
2018-01-10 12:24:10 Oumuamua whats poppin fam! really loving the content you guys are coming through with. huge fan of the homie WIZE's music, and now his commentary too lmfao. too fire! (my name is pronounced Oh-moo-ah-moo-ah)
2018-01-10 12:40:24 Moses Daniel Take these traveler... may they place in your mix as smoothly as a squeeze of lemon in a glass of iced water
2018-01-10 16:12:37 SYM.FA.NI / The sample represents the core of my culture as a Trinidadian. Shout out to Trinidad and Tobago, this one for you
2018-01-10 16:40:35 chuma / chumaprod 17, black, from manchester, suck ass at making beats but i wanna suck josh's next ?‘
2018-01-11 1:25:08 DMG Samples are from my modular synth, Bpm is 140, don`t remember the Key,..
Furthrrr Generator OSC thru a DSI Prophet Flt/Amp and a Boss SE-50
2018-01-11 2:16:42 Joey Iny  
2018-01-11 4:20:23 Berke Ozguc

I'll recommend you to check
- Almost
- Love
- Life
And my remixes
1)Madison Beer - Dead (Berke Ozguc Remix)
2)Sena Şener - Çirkin Dünya (Berke Özgüç Revision)
2018-01-11 7:05:25 Lo-wu Mostly sounds from tunes either from tunes i've made or am making. Couple random tings. Safe.
2018-01-11 7:55:03 Mełg Some hardcore kicks from my collection. Hardcore is still alive :) They sound best at 180+ bpm
2018-01-11 8:18:24 Varies shouts out to: AlfaKalle & DJ Illyana
2018-01-11 12:08:31 Solāl Would be amazing guys!

Shout out to Wonder Tape Records
2018-01-11 18:07:58 REAL Hey
2018-01-11 18:39:26 djbello beats very nice programe thank you

also big shoutout to massie and wize(i have retracted my friend request) and shoutout to literally everyone except the people who colonized us YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE
2018-01-14 9:03:44 tapecut what's good oshi, have a nice show at boiler room.
ur dude tapecut believes in you.
2018-01-14 11:13:20 Nebulae Sounds from Nebulae
2018-01-14 12:34:21 Lowcean when we on da murda sound we no play no gal chune
2018-01-14 12:48:47 gonna get one soon    
2018-01-14 13:22:17 DJagaimo    
2018-01-18 9:49:25 munz moses shouts out to soundflower and amazon video
2018-01-23 14:25:53 YosoyPablo  
2018-02-01 9:46:47 DJ Erowid    
2018-02-01 10:50:42 earth2anthony(tonyhoterry)  
2018-02-01 11:15:57 rejectdamain hey fam its rejectdamain back at it again with some new wacky samples

these are all brand new samples recorded by me. i was going send some drums but sadly i couldn't make some dope ones in time. untill then heres some samples from my a new sample pack. much love cant wait too see you guys on the stream
2018-02-01 11:18:43 Loe J Gone for some everyday sounds to see how creative you can be with them!
best of luck!
2018-02-02 3:43:55 kobra Here are sample tracks from two recent albums by kobra. Vocals by Anna Yakovleva-Lichko, a front-girl of the kobra band.
2018-02-02 10:27:31 Jackson Swaby YO guys! Big fan of the show.
A few drums I recorded as part of a sample pack, very tom-y, they make nice low end pitched down.

Also me playing a few chords left over from a track.
2018-02-02 11:42:27 Nect  
2018-02-02 13:35:37 Hitman Some stuff I've recorded / processed.
2018-02-02 14:16:04 Kilamanzego kilamanzego Thanks
2018-02-02 18:50:31 MARQ (This would literally make my dream come true.) I've used a couple of samples from a free "Essential Drum & Bass"-pack, but elseround I've created my own sound. Haha. I don't usually share my music, as I never find myself satisfied with my work- but since it's for Flava D... I'd throw myself under a bus (metaphorically). The attached track would perhaps sound O.K+ as a Bassline-kind of track, if sped down and "chunked" up! Shoutouts to my boy Njål Kalsnes from my label "Grums Radio", and one to my brother Simon as well.
2018-02-02 19:24:25 VFRO hi, sending good vibes, i hope some day be part of something like this. Cm - this is from a "Cuatro", a venezuelan instrument (like ukelele). Choperia fina - is a tag from the proyect of my friends "whitest taino alive" a dominican republic hip hop rap group, very tight.

Puchy watery noise - just from my personal drumkit

Noisy pingo is too from my personal drumkit

Soy peor - chords i made a day after my girls leaves me.
2018-02-02 19:43:23 Noyl  
2018-02-03 6:54:44 Meantime  
2018-02-04 6:40:12 danboii   Neat vocals ;)
2018-02-04 8:00:21 WYZE / Aye listen to my soundcloud. All samples are original, from my soundbank.
2018-02-06 10:28:26 Khalisha or @khalishu on Instagram My first ever loop made on Ableton.

Shout out to my one of my best homies Natasha, aka the talented musician Yeule who taught me how to use Ableton and to believe in myself and avoid crying on my desk while trying not to give up.
2018-02-06 16:32:11 Sh?m Big the fuck up.
2018-02-07 3:07:01 ElMari.  
2018-02-07 8:37:06 Brit Method   Don't judge me
2018-02-07 8:46:03 Psytrance Skepta In the Western tradition high culture has historical origins in the intellectual and aesthetic ideals of ancient Greece and Rome. Within this classical ideal certain authors and their modes of language were held up as models of an elevated style and good form as for instance the Attic dialect of ancient Greek associated with the great philosophers and dramatists of Periclean Athens, or Ciceronian Latin.
2018-02-07 9:59:50 Digital Mozart    
2018-02-07 10:01:17 Digital Mozart    
2018-02-07 10:04:59 DIGITAL MOZART    
2018-02-07 10:24:54 Churlie69    
2018-02-07 10:37:12 denzelworldpeace   S/O to WIZE & Flava D
2018-02-07 12:39:06 SimplyJefferson    
2018-02-07 12:46:59 efe  
2018-02-07 13:03:22 Sample Here's some drum samples :)
2018-02-07 13:06:23 MiniMac None (Bedroom Producer) Hey, this is just a small sample that I like putting on the background, hope you could feel something about it ;) !
2018-02-07 13:14:49 G.O.D SMAPLES   BEST SAMPLES FULL STOP.
2018-02-07 13:30:13 penisbum willy use this pls !
2018-02-07 13:34:04 MLOSITSKY Some unique stubs
2018-02-07 13:36:08 Iam.Frenchie   go ham with this pls!
2018-02-07 13:47:07 1/2 ounce    
2018-02-07 13:49:43 Casement  
2018-02-07 14:10:44 Bania Luca    
2018-02-07 14:15:46 MLOSITSKY Some unique stubs
2018-02-07 14:21:23 egor kon    
2018-02-07 14:25:11 TIMHAWK    
2018-02-07 14:28:30 Smailov Some russian words :) like "Tomorrow.. we all will die ":D
2018-02-07 14:48:42 Roosta yoooooooooooo
2018-02-07 22:37:35 ZERO HP Loving this stream, love you guys I think I'm in love- have some 808!
2018-02-19 10:10:54 pocket elephant Threw in some live percussion sounds, along with some wacky sounds made in Sylenth. Hope ya like em :)
2018-02-22 20:42:10 NIKHIL Some random video game FX. S/O to OSHI on episode 2 with the fire! Thank you guys so much for this, keep em coming, y'all are inspiring! Oshi is a legend!

Make some heat!
2018-02-23 14:15:37 munz moses  
2018-02-27 2:48:17 WYZE / Yo WIZE, sorry man I didn't know you existed when I made my account 7yrs ago. Hope it's not a big problem, do you think it's difficult to break as an artist if your name is similar to another guy?
P.S. all samples are original. Ayla is a singer i work with. Keep it up - best show on the internet indeed.
2018-03-07 22:23:26 Prenda india iiiiii
2018-03-08 15:06:39 shmeek Melodic troolooloos
Shoutout to you guys man this is so dope of you
2018-03-12 13:11:15 BED  
2018-03-12 13:15:02 ?®?†?‘?Š?‡ Yo gloo~
here's a north korean newscast about a missile test.
Thanks for the awsome music and art and I can't wait for the new album!!!! Peace!
2018-03-12 13:18:08 think twice i'm ellis and the song i
2018-03-12 13:19:58 Arne Here are some guitar samples I recorded myself.
2018-03-12 13:30:07 EJB_101   Hey Igloo I love your music and would like to say thanks for being so engaged with fans. I thought this sample would be interesting and would fit your style.
2018-03-12 13:56:50 trey   want u to make beat that make me go YUCK!! (this is trey btw love u xx)
2018-03-12 14:01:41 wujtah   for jeff
2018-03-12 14:07:00 Gud Noights I LUV U DIPLO!
2018-03-12 14:15:55 px vocal sample 12 seconds, drum loop 7 secs
2018-03-12 14:23:03 tinyfuckingstars I love your music!! It makes me wanna dimension hop!! Hope you enjoy my samples
2018-03-12 14:28:50 Gage_Travis This is a field recording of a spray can being dragged across a fence like door.
If you want you can check out my BANDCAMP page and let me know what you think @GageTravis thanks!
2018-03-12 14:41:29 Lil Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty This is a Korean News reporter during the 80's saying "Seoul Olympics" and other things in Korean
2018-03-12 14:49:05 Arja , SOUND.wav is a distorted voice I made that I think would fit well in the whimsical world that is captivated in Iglooghost's music.

The distorted and looming nature of these samples are kind of what I imagine the dark side of youtube would sound like if it were a physical place one could visit.

Shoutout to Simpleflips and Pilotredsun.
2018-03-12 15:22:38 DJW HELLO IGLOOGHOST.

The samples I've sent ya are a collection of stems from past songs and projects including some JME vocals, Live synth recordings, Kontakt Strings, Finding Nemo OST pads, a full mixed loop of one of my tracks and a special Whitney Houston sample for ya ;)

Big up to Igloo himself, love all the work he does and also shout out to Sam Gellaitry who used my samples for his Crowdsourced!

Thanks again, Boilerroom. Luv ya lots :D

-Dan (DJW)
2018-03-12 16:15:50 YosoyPablo  
2018-03-12 16:21:25 ASTRO hope you can use the sounds igloo
2018-03-12 16:25:24 YosoyPablo  
2018-03-12 16:28:14 irys.  
2018-03-12 17:23:35 Fekix The wonk factor is here ;)
2018-03-12 17:30:22 Naum   nah
2018-03-12 17:33:11 Doku PS1 and PS2 corruption sounds
2018-03-12 17:45:51 Nikolas Babic Weightless inspired sounds I made, shout out myself
2018-03-12 19:09:36 bum dont have any lol g
2018-03-12 19:22:28 him05p8733   recorded right before mndsgn live set in taipei
2018-03-12 19:26:48 him05p8733   packaging machine making noises in the pharmacy
2018-03-12 19:52:21 him05p8733   a kitten trapped on a roll-up door but later got away on its own
2018-03-12 19:52:44 *&a, here's some stuff
i guess i made it yeah
2018-03-12 19:58:31 Text Chunk big uuuup canada

s/o myself & kudatah,
cheers fam
2018-03-12 21:12:01 Portmanteau   Shoutout to my boy Prateek Bajpai for this sample for me track.
2018-03-12 21:17:14 mattiopattio  
2018-03-12 21:45:26 laxcity  
2018-03-12 21:47:43 Chandelier Chandelier "I fight vampires" comes from this video."

The beeps and boops came from a song I made.
2018-03-12 22:00:52 sarene!   this is a snippet from an english language north korean radio broadcast

don't question it
2018-03-12 22:14:32 The Carloses this a group from a discord server im on.
2018-03-12 23:04:10 bb tombo i make music but also sounds for games and i'm working on the sfx for this hellthriller game called "In The Crags" by @TaeckerWyss - just wanted to upload some silly sounds from it :)
2018-03-13 0:52:56 Gage_Travis spray can being dragged across a fence like door& crowd of people inside a Lamborghini dealership
If you want you can check out my BANDCAMP page and let me know what you think @GageTravis thanks!
2018-03-13 1:31:24 conezy   banjo kazoooooie
2018-03-13 5:47:11 noame nogo Hi!
So here are some sets of samples:
squeaks bonks plonks
moving layclap + noise
livey noises + lasers
oscillations + harmonics
guitar tones + chords
loop + tribal cries + hibernation
Have fun!
2018-03-13 6:16:45 i dont have one   just some random samples ( not mine tho )
2018-03-13 6:54:21 Đ Δ N S Ŧ O N Ł Ɨ N Ξ dancefloor detonation files
2018-03-13 7:40:41 JANEE Hope you'll have fun with this! Beauty bells
HEY WIZE, suh?
2018-03-13 7:57:48 doin' fine this is a recording of my old schools fire alarm

shoutouts to airuei and sadkey

maki best girl
2018-03-13 8:21:15 Archipiélago  
2018-03-13 10:54:11 rejectdamain no drums this time but here are some cool sounds
2018-03-13 11:18:59 space candy  
2018-03-13 12:06:50 kptn  
2018-03-13 13:13:02 ILL TETEKA shoutouts to krystal paradise
don't do meth
2018-03-13 13:20:42 II (Kris GM) A sample from a Txalaparta, a basque instrument.
This sample is a piece of a new song I'm doing.
2018-03-13 14:03:40 GIWI   zooweemama
2018-03-13 14:07:03 pp   me and my friends made this sick beat a while ago, it would be cool if it was featured!
2018-03-13 15:13:53 dvd.gnome from TV's "3rd Rock from the Sun"
shoutout Scott Rogowski
2018-03-13 18:39:29 nice the levels are kinda bad on the long one
2018-03-13 18:47:29 Fishy I ain't no seamus malliagh but i sure do like music
2018-03-13 20:29:31 Petegoast Shout out to Nate's Mom who looks like Diglett
2018-03-13 21:10:55 Hoody / Some bubble wrap popping, getting dinner with my mom, some classical music, a hodge podge

much love to iglooghost and brainfeeder
2018-03-13 21:14:47 an0va   hey here's a small portion of samples from my an0va Nintendo Gameboy sample pack :)
2018-03-13 21:50:18 Julien Mier here's a little melancholic distorted arp thingy that might be fun to warp the hell through your universe of sound, enjoy - julien
2018-03-14 6:01:44 Boy Friend these are legit just loops and noises from my projects that are in the work, or just sitting in an unfished folder. but its full of lazers and bleeps and bloops so maybe he can do some weird shit with them. maybe who knows just it be dope for him to fuck them up

the only shoutout i wanna do is for my cat P.C. it stands for pussy cat yes i named my cat pussy cat dont @ me
2018-03-14 6:26:49 big greg   hi iglooghost i am a huge fan, love your work, but it is a bit fast.
2018-03-14 7:19:02 paulsilo    
2018-03-14 11:29:43 YANTURI I do not understand why I'm doing this
2018-03-14 13:25:30 joseph efi  
2018-03-14 13:56:22 DJ Xanor  
2018-03-14 13:56:55 Captain Vita / / I send you guys a melodic sample which i played on a Rhodes & a few nostalgic percussive sounds which includes:

- 56K Modem Dialup
- GameBoy Advance button pressing
- Playing pogs & slammers
- Typewriter pressing
2018-03-14 14:36:35 ro. Some samples processed in a patch I built in Max 7. Enjoy!
2018-03-14 14:37:35 RRUCCULLA / drumzzz
2018-03-14 16:06:58 abarb   yo here's the weirdest sound in the international phonetic alphabet
2018-03-14 17:05:25 romario i love you guys, keep doing what you're doing
2018-03-14 17:28:56 Pink Doglike Creature A friend of mine's cat, he purrs very loud
2018-03-14 19:43:15 matrixvision BRAINDAMAGE
2018-03-14 22:56:18 Noyl  
2018-03-15 21:31:36 Meerkhat i want to thank my mum
2018-03-16 14:36:01 chrono mates on a night out being silly

already used it in this ambient piece:
2018-03-16 15:36:29 Kilamanzego Thanks IglooGhost
2018-03-17 5:54:06 Wood Veneer 01-03

Edits from improvised experimentations/mistakes/sketches.

Nothing is rehearsed and is always live.
2018-03-17 6:04:15 wood veneer Seamus
Heres another forgot to send it.
2018-03-17 8:23:48 The Photo Mems Art Part 2 is our best album.
2018-03-17 14:03:53 krysh shoutout socks
2018-03-17 14:20:29 wabi shout out to all the pear
2018-03-17 14:41:23 Midnight Barber if you like these, check out more at
2018-03-17 15:29:21 disabled kid   some weird shit
. .
.0. 0 .0.

2018-03-17 15:59:32 mushbuh hi iglooghost here is a recording of me gargling, and one of me eating chips. I used them for making dialogue SFX for my game.

I want to give a shoutout to simpleflips. As well as brine shrimp.

i hope ur having a good day
2018-03-17 16:22:26 desapole   Feverish and bizarre vocals by French experimental artist Ghédalia Tazartès
2018-03-17 17:02:47 ShyOnline These files include two commentary bits from internet broadcasts that I think Iglooghost would appreciate. I also included a Hatsune Miku adlib that I made along with three more sounds I created from Scratch.
2018-03-17 18:15:35 Roza Poza the lemon of pink
2018-03-17 20:56:18 PCasino   Hey man, thanks for doing this challenge, it'll be really fun watching you do it.

PS: Are there any plans for a South American tour? I want to break my neck at the club listening to your music.
2018-03-18 6:30:14 DJ Expired Yogurt  
2018-03-18 8:35:32 Dream Demo a bunch of samples, if you have to use one use the chinese rapper sample please (either beatbox + one.wav or one.wav)
love you igloo, milk empire is one of my favourite EPs
-dream demo/lucas from ontario
2018-03-18 9:02:58 Goodness    
2018-03-18 9:06:54 enfances   96BPM, A major.
Atmospheric Vox Sample that I chopped out of 70s vocals.
2018-03-18 9:33:12 desapole   Delirious/dreamlike urban piece by ambient producer William Basinski
2018-03-18 10:31:34 ell yot v happy to see u doing one of these bud

ur doppleganger xoxo
2018-03-18 10:49:16 Riley Circles Hey bubber, I use Reason too so these samples are all used in NNXT in this song I made

Use them well

Shoutouts to /r/iglooghost and the Discord server.
2018-03-18 10:55:09 tellaphone   beep boop
2018-03-18 10:56:13 KingAmbrose This is the worst thing I've ever created
2018-03-18 11:14:12 Babii Shout out to my boiii Aristophanes and 8 limbed beings.
2018-03-18 11:15:04 Fatherland come Shacklewell Arms this Thursday for more ;)
Big up Harry and Ali
2018-03-18 11:15:46 grymer   Teenage Crush Vocoder Techno Funk In C minor- Velokitty aka Synthetic lying machine
2018-03-18 11:37:09 grymer   some pokemon cries
2018-03-18 11:47:19 Digital Himalayas Hi there! Greetings from Ukraine!
1. Recorded sounds of Ukrainian flute (SOPILKA)
2. Recorded sounds of Dan Moi - Vietnamese instrumnet similar to the jaw harp
3. Recorded phrase: Why is it so lo-fi? (in our language)
4. Recorded sound of iphone ringtone when Mom was calling while I was recording those samples (not processed)
5. Same as #4 but more processed
6. Recorded guitar

I hope you will jou it, peace!
2018-03-18 11:54:03 impel  
2018-03-18 12:00:04 Igloomum   This is an emulation of Archie meowing. You must use it to guarantee continuing maternal love.
2018-03-18 12:14:10 VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE i have had this ringtone for many moons and i hope you enjoy this seamus! shoutouts to motorola
2018-03-18 12:16:34 ALP some ambient stuff
2018-03-18 12:27:22 eliile Sounds I like :)
2018-03-18 12:35:32 Umami LOVE YOU
2018-03-18 12:52:47 desapole   Apologies for the previous one, something happened in the export process. Use this instead.
2018-03-18 13:01:44 BOB The Builder! "SUCK PUCK" FOR LIVE
2018-03-18 13:15:36 jelly elijah hey here are some samples and stuff. i know its late, but if you get this i hope you enjoy!!
2018-03-18 13:27:23 noizu hey iglooghost my name is noizu i am a producer hailing from Spokane.

all the samples are homemade
1. the shell drum was a melody i wrote but never used
2. the future bass sequence was for a co lab that never happened
3. the riser was from my last hip hop beat tape
4. the growl is from one of awkward old friends
5-6. the noizey and clipping sample were from a noise rap song me and my friend tried to make.

hope you can make something cool out of these love your fuckin tunes bruv, shoutout to Tyler, the creator let me give you beats flower boy
2018-03-18 13:33:33 Neekarta  
2018-03-18 13:35:22 salphion howdy partner
2018-03-18 13:39:44 John O Really Hello mr Iglooghost.

Here are some quirky samples I hope you will enjoy.

Shout out to my boy Ru, he really is the bestest.
2018-03-18 13:46:49 DRIFTFUL  
2018-03-18 13:54:11 aether If you don't know, LSD Dream Emulator is a Japanese PS1 game that's pretty true to it's name. I've been mucking around with stuff from it the past week and there's some really cool sounds in there.

Heres a link to a full sample file:

Also check out the OST, should be on youtube.

Love your stuff, you're a true inspo :)

ps shoutout 2 Zelle, Doni, Sam DV and Dark Circles
2018-03-18 13:57:02 PLM go crazy wit these mad tv sound effects

p.s. does recording in an igloo give good reverb? asking for a friend

- with love from PLM (pronounced 'palm')
2018-03-18 14:00:41 DRIFTFUL skeddit
2018-03-18 14:55:14 jaxxon whenever i get stuck samplesearching, i sometimes just sample one of my own tracks. have you ever done this before? if not you totally should.

s/o to my mom
2018-03-18 16:11:54 Katakana  
2018-03-18 16:16:37 flliot flliot the face of another 1968
2018-03-18 16:18:51 tttt   sample captured in marrakesh,morroco, while the imam was calling for prayer
2018-03-18 16:21:19 biopath luv igloo
2018-03-18 16:35:23 24533000279234 rats 2 synth noises i made many moons ago
2018-03-18 20:56:04 leviathenvoi Just messing around but iglooghost is legit my fav forever!
2018-03-20 3:31:51 Big Shovel A lot of good stuff in here.

Great show!

2018-03-20 4:59:59 (a.)pathy 90's sex ads
2018-03-20 15:06:49 MarcelDeSlak 1234567890 ello
2018-03-23 8:24:33 yungVogueTakesNoShits sampled off movies, discovereed a glitch in autotune 7, lonelykid collective tag, and a mexican choir

Brisbane represent!
2018-03-24 14:46:00 jonecks CEASAR !
If someone can make a beat with RodneyMcLadyYeah.mp3 i'll cry a shit blizzard
2018-04-01 9:11:14 Thirty3  
2018-04-07 10:06:31 Dhaz Chill stuff
2018-04-07 18:59:05 Reon Vangèr here are some fire ass samples
shoutout my soundcloud:
peep it!
2018-04-16 19:44:22 DangerDobbs shoutout to park if you're watching keep making dope shit
2018-04-17 4:34:20 Gallah these are saples i created myself using reason 5, shoutouts to wize, horrickle, rynsaman and timma T
2018-04-18 11:04:54 Astral Bird  
2018-04-19 8:08:05 asq  
2018-04-25 20:19:05 shmeek love u
2018-04-28 23:56:49 something6 shout out to marly, put a hole in the door
2018-04-29 12:25:48 Petegoast I DID NAAAHHHT
2018-05-05 0:27:48 Intr3pico Hi Boiler Room crew,

Massive shoutout from Rio de Janeiro. I am a local producer and I'm very fond of you guys work. Shoutout to everyone that work on it. I chose a few vocal stuff and ethnic/tribal samples to try to spice up whoever puts hands on. If you guys dig I can send more crazy stuff.

2018-05-08 8:14:10 meuf manga   panflute is a melodic loop i made using soundfonts
arpé chelou is a nice melodic bug
2018-05-08 9:29:00 rejectdamain yo thanks for all the love with these samples i send in. im glad my recorded samples have been used in almost ever show. its a true honor thanks you guys
2018-05-08 13:38:01 Noyl LOVE YOU FAM
2018-05-10 13:11:12 Smyah Samples from me lesgeddit
2018-05-10 20:20:13 Corey  
2018-05-11 6:51:21 Prototyp3 i actually made these all original, I hope you guys have fun chopping this up
2018-05-11 7:26:24 JedWotNot  
2018-05-12 14:01:32 ElMari.  
2018-05-13 2:44:53 deeping  
2018-05-13 5:26:18 Elon Musk   I took these samples from NASA because they were just sittin on them and the world needs to hear this heat.

Kepler one is some wavey emissions from another star converted into audio.

Out to Jupiter hope you're good big guy
2018-05-13 5:30:12 pomegrande   this reeces pieces advert has every sound known to man in it
2018-05-13 5:59:34 Parkinson White  
2018-05-13 6:38:12 Crimsonhalo808   Some simpsons and gun shit here.
2018-05-13 6:50:30 Sh?m NO COMMENT.
2018-05-13 8:10:35 JANEE Hey ROM!
Hope you'll have fun with this :)
SO to my man WIZEEE
2018-05-13 11:06:19 KMRU From the Heart Of Africa (Kenya)
2018-05-13 13:04:25 MosesJay   Irish hip hop beat
2018-05-13 13:11:11 Castava Eyyyy good luck
2018-05-13 13:47:45 Thaddeus Ayyy shoutouts to Boiler Room & my team @studygrouplife
2018-05-26 6:28:06 Severus Some Stanky Ass Samples For Some Stanky Ass Beats
2018-05-29 14:13:28 Jo Bloom   assorted samples from iconic vines
2018-05-29 21:29:52 burnt grapes Enjoy these random samps from the oriant ;)

Love from Australia

shout out nandos
2018-06-02 21:04:55 worldwide angel  
2018-06-04 3:44:19 2m4z nice chords and voice
2018-06-06 15:31:56 WOLTOR @woltor_ 1shot synth sound + shoutout to 0181 + love the series
2018-06-07 3:51:28 BARRY BANG BADDIES TheBand  
2018-06-08 7:01:01 Alejandro Toledo Do whatever you want on every first part of each song, they have a great sound and a good producer can smash it
2018-06-12 6:39:10 Puer Gold  
2018-06-18 3:26:33 LUIOFFICIAL Remember the name Connect with LUIOFFICIAL
2018-06-18 15:29:55 Ghost Heya hope yall use my samples
2018-06-19 0:45:28 pocket elephant big ups to boiler room for hosting crowdsourced, and much love to whoever picks these samples :)
part of a pack/kit coming soon
2018-06-19 9:00:54 Linus Silberstein Just some samples I found on my harddrive. Have fun with them, i guess.
2018-06-19 10:49:42 rejectdamain heres some raw ass samples i made fresh

ps normalize the bass to sound real
2018-06-19 15:35:26 romario large up yourselves, keep up the vibes
2018-06-20 11:16:49 Casement Lots of potential here but all I really wanna hear used is the DONK

big up xoxo
2018-06-20 13:47:00 Reon Vangèr good luck flipping these lol
2018-06-20 14:26:59 swishbricks Shoutout to all the producers out there our time will be soon,
2018-06-20 14:42:46 SMYAH / / Hey catch me on soundcloud @smyah if you like my sounds. Cheers mates
2018-06-20 17:27:34 CITYTRONIX  
2018-06-21 11:43:39 Floyd, Moved to the Scottish Highlands recently and work as a sound recordist. Ended up recording this out the window with my shotgun mic and when I listened back, thought of the show and wondered what could be made out of it. Shoutouts to Massie - much love
2018-06-23 8:05:46 Feyesal I'm currently experimenting with a lot of different sounds and techniques to try and push the creative envelope of modern music. I know it sounds pretentious but I really think I may be on to something, and I hope you're able to see it too.
2018-06-23 10:46:17 Leotrix uh idk enjoy
2018-06-24 3:47:59 Fondue Boyz   OOoOooOoOOoo
2018-06-24 3:50:13 Sela   Thanks for usin shouts to Loggstar
2018-06-24 3:53:29 KRIS.o   u knew it was comin - thank me later shem
2018-06-24 3:55:23 lil beta   This whole Reeses commercial is basically a sample pack on its own. mad
2018-06-24 3:58:34 Peppi   some rhodes chords what i gone and done

didnt get round to usin em
2018-06-24 4:00:58 EIEIO   Some nice sounds cut from a new project of mine
2018-06-24 4:03:43 Grandma T   just some garbage sounds made w/ automated arpeggiators . big up all the young whipper snappers aieeee
2018-06-24 6:30:06 Digital Mozart   Tryna hear some Neo-Garage- cuz

Shoutouts: Big up Craig, Big up More//Night, 'RingRing ft Scrufizzer' out now
Big up Sh?m, 'Altogether, Part II' compilation out now go cop dat


2018-06-24 6:39:09 Digital Mozart   Tryna hear some Neo-Garage- cuz

Shoutouts: Big up Craig, Big up More//Night, 'RingRing ft Scrufizzer' out now
Big up Sh?m, 'Altogether, Part II' compilation out now go cop dat


2018-06-24 6:45:23 Digital Mozart    
2018-06-24 6:45:35 Digital Mozart    
2018-06-24 6:46:31 Digital Mozart    
2018-06-24 8:44:09 satinwizard  
2018-06-24 9:11:19 satinwizard a chinese classic
2018-06-24 9:12:50 KATO random sounds as requested
2018-06-24 10:20:32 martingale  
2018-06-25 16:00:23 Dwelms some bits & pieces
show some love to the elephant
2018-06-26 9:38:39 shkkad just some sounds from a weird kit i worked on but never got around to actually finishing. Shoutouts to my crew in sweden; off-beat collective!!!
P.S. You might like the song melody I sent, used it for one of mi tracks.
2018-07-06 14:06:04 Creezus   we out here smokin penises, slime shit
2018-07-15 14:16:29 xato 2 glitches
2 foley
1 fill
1 clap
2018-07-24 8:24:13 berufsverbrecher    
2018-08-17 2:15:00 drowning yo, i made all these sounds myself hope you like em
2018-08-17 9:05:32 Casement Once again, would love to see any of these used but especially the donk
2018-08-17 9:15:49 Gage_Travis Just picking the first audio file I find
2018-08-17 12:26:22 rejectdamain sound sounds i made from serum
2018-08-17 12:43:35 SYM.FA.NI Its a except from the great calypsonian, The Might Sparrow.
2018-08-18 0:05:22 Intr3pico some brazilian influenced samples
2018-08-18 7:10:26 Captain Vita Colorful mix of Drums, Percussions & Instruments.
Have fun mangling the fug out of this (:

Shouts to the whole Boiler Room Team!

2018-08-19 8:16:47 STeph  
2018-08-20 12:48:00 jet black moe try making some cool shit wit these samples
2018-08-20 12:50:59 jet black moe make some cool shit wit these samples!!!
2018-08-21 16:07:46 Alan    
2018-08-21 16:33:16 Panama Canal    
2018-08-21 16:40:44 Oreola  
2018-08-21 16:44:23 IMHO  
2018-08-21 16:45:35 Haram Bae   this meme is so old im so sorry

i cant get over it
2018-08-21 17:17:27 Lana Pearson   few little bits lying about - hope theyre useful x
2018-08-21 17:20:17 Markymark Some random text2speech button mashing in various languages lol
2018-08-21 18:18:06 ESA The Skream and the Bokka samples are from the Boiler Room at W hotel. I included a Cesc Fabregas sample for all the Chelsea fans.
2018-08-22 0:09:48 Juli Fosforo I love your show. enjoy these random sounds.
2018-08-22 1:03:06 boone.kpt a bunch of random samplings, named after my crew

ssshououts to Centeret ayyyyy
2018-08-22 4:35:55 Jenkemz thicc snare

+ some from a sample pack of a guy called mike sayin shit i dunno

(+ some generic underwater music i made ages ago)
2018-08-22 4:53:57 JPA  
2018-08-22 5:46:43 Funky Don   Can you make some noise for Crazy Cousinz please
2018-08-22 6:11:26 wapping som sistema    
2018-08-22 9:55:59 Wädé    
2018-08-22 13:22:04 Athan athanrise Voice
2018-08-22 13:29:34 KATO ableton club! love from kenya
2018-08-22 13:36:08 NKOHA Hi? im from Russia
2018-08-22 13:37:28 JaviSaavs   Recording of New York from 2014 I never used in my film I made.

Aphex Twin the shit out of this please

Shout out to Tia Milena and Denise
2018-08-22 13:48:24 DJ Dick Longflop   Here's some F'd up sound i made enjoy!
(PS: When is Wize gonna get a episode of him making beats?)
2018-08-22 13:49:19 Excalibur  
2018-08-22 14:44:52 BTS    
2018-08-22 15:07:55 netbanger netbanger shoutout missy elliot lil b n sun ra
2018-08-22 15:41:20 CITYTRONIX  
2018-08-24 12:04:55 trigore  
2018-08-27 17:43:26 Haji   Big love to the whole Boiler room crew. Here's some random vocal samples to spice things up.
2018-09-05 9:03:12 Christmas is 3 months away    
2018-09-05 13:31:27 bo   bo
2018-09-05 13:39:46 betty    
2018-09-08 11:29:29 Yeeeee    
2018-09-10 10:42:22 WHOGOSAYS This is my motivational spoken word. I want people to know that they don't have to stay stuck all the time. I play guitar and i rap too. feel free to check out my sound cloud.
2018-09-18 10:12:36 sneeze s/o temperance, nimesay, heartbreak club, tgwog, scvmbag,
2018-09-18 10:52:39 Parabyl Big love from South Africa. Shoutout to Tzara for letting me record her little clockwork music box.
2018-09-18 11:22:07 Zvrra / / Here are some synth samples from my custom library also the recording is made using a glass bottle, plastic bottle and loose change and recorded using a snoball microphone. Shoutouts to Vatican Shadow, MzzAmirraO, Badcat and my amazing sister.
2018-09-18 11:36:39 MORE//NIGHT me nan sells fidget spinners on the market
2018-09-18 12:18:51 Winter just some own made sample's from WIP's that i thought were cool
2018-09-18 12:57:58 gese da O vandalize my shit
2018-09-18 13:11:23 Tommy Barlow some random stuff on laptop.
2018-09-18 15:27:33 dj tom  
2018-09-19 7:10:37 Nathan Hopkins A selection from my home brewed sample library. s/o to the homie Jarreau Vandal
2018-09-19 10:01:01 PLAYERRR Shoutout to me
2018-09-19 12:36:34 MONAD GRIPS hahaha coool that you can record directly in tha mic, bigggg up to jarreau vandalllll
2018-09-19 12:49:22 Haleyn I want to make a shout out to my producer EVIL OKAY from Fance :)

Thanks you guys!
2018-09-19 13:57:54 The APX Song is called "Lose Yourself to the Groove" by Atlanta based husband/wife funk duo The APX.
2018-09-20 11:24:54 AlexeyDaGawd / S.B.T CMPTRCHP HEY yo check out my SC-Page ; - )
2018-09-21 20:01:14 Noyl SUH DOG
2018-09-22 15:07:16 240PSYNTH I've always been told my drums stink and I don't doubt that for a second but I want to know how an experienced produced would deal with those chords
2018-09-23 16:19:04 Osho Tashinga All audios submitted where made using samples & clips from abelton.

Shoutout 4 D.
2018-09-24 4:34:05 Jackson Swaby What up crowdsourced gang! Few samples from different tracks i'm working on.
2018-09-25 5:14:44 VESHZA  
2018-09-25 11:53:45 Dinosaur 88 Hi! We're a synth-pop band from Guatemala, and we just felt like sharing some tunes. We feel like this two songs have the potential to be sampled and transformed into something completely different. Hope you enjoy them.
2018-09-29 6:29:20 Avisto   I know I would use it:)
2018-09-29 11:29:59 JonnyAHK    
2018-09-30 6:29:49 Dr. Gooch   NOTICE ME WIZE SAN
2018-09-30 7:50:04 hellosexy klemsis   dis 1 for the badboy jarreau i see you shining bro
2018-09-30 7:56:44 ElMari.  
2018-09-30 8:04:11 Harshiv Parekh Shout out vandal, your music changed the way I dj and produce
2018-09-30 8:11:03 Xaatu  
2018-09-30 8:44:45 AWLpro Hi,

Mixture of sounds and loops from past and present projects, enjoy.

2018-09-30 9:40:54 return of the snack    
2018-09-30 9:45:06 herald   shout out my mum
2018-09-30 10:49:08 Wade Huge fan of Mr. Vandal, so excited for this one, and big love to crowdsourced, always ?
2018-09-30 10:49:55 Mic-Lo All the synth sounds were recorded from the Korg Minilogue. The layered snap sound is just a click pitched down with some reverb layered with a snare. The kick sample was also made on the Minilogue and lightly ran through some analogue distortion.

I hope these samples are cool. Excited to see what Jarreau Vandal comes up with.

Big shout out to Wize and Boiler Room. This show is a gem for the beat heads for real. Keep them episodes coming.
2018-09-30 12:09:10 c.herrm   my voice broke
2018-09-30 13:00:58 Dilla Willa Big fan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Chopped these up awhile ago and never used them. Wize I'm expecting fire today dawg!!
2018-09-30 13:07:34 KCIV    
2018-09-30 13:08:15 WESOLIT   ye
2018-09-30 13:08:36 SUSOBRINO shakbaij rpiha fjla NIAh haiaaaPal


2018-09-30 13:11:24 Xaatu lessssgeddddit
2018-09-30 13:11:41 Redman    
2018-09-30 13:15:25 hotchocolatte  
2018-09-30 13:16:48 EMBR   Love you all !!
2018-09-30 13:17:20 newschoollove   I love you
2018-09-30 13:17:34 TheOnyme Yoooooo! successful stream, guys!
2018-09-30 13:17:42 lostageless my 1st submission hope ya like
2018-09-30 13:25:33 Redman   Big up Uncle Iroh
2018-09-30 13:29:15 Bledderboy   I recorded some epic sounds
2018-09-30 11:23:12 Iyapah hammer-ons for days
2018-09-30 13:39:58 DJMATEUNCIO   shoutout to @lostageless @ansey
2018-09-30 13:50:21 Shawerma Hey here's an assortment of interesting ones off of an old hard drive I had, shoutout to anyone who will actually see this but also to BR in general cheers guys
2018-09-30 13:53:13 Trev Nathaniel   Bassline I made in Caustic on Android
2018-09-30 14:12:08 lostageless shoutout tony hawk
2018-09-30 14:40:01 TheOnyme  
2018-09-30 16:54:52 Dj Shigeru Tamaru    
2018-10-05 8:07:40 dj ans dj ans in the house baby
2018-10-08 23:34:57 stink life i find and make weird samples here are some highlights from my sample folder.
2018-10-09 9:45:14 trblmkr washing machine bruv - sniff sniff bitches - i have a cough - some water drops straight from the face hole, ya know what i mean - probiotics my dude
2018-10-09 15:12:11 Cosmos Synthetics yuh ey
2018-10-09 15:25:39 trblmkr  
2018-10-09 18:41:38 Siych The most random selection possible
2018-10-10 12:49:26 trblmkr dranks for the spanks
2018-10-10 18:43:16 Lowcean shoutout to belarus!!!
2018-10-10 22:46:42 HRWL Some of my favorite video games on here. Hope you enjoy!!!

Just wanna thank yall for even having something like this.
2018-10-11 10:32:35 Zaius musique
2018-10-13 11:54:53 SUBDIVIDA shout out tyskie
2018-10-15 6:46:37 hanvai bits and pieces from projects that i'll never finish, hoping someone will find a use for these chords.

big up everyone
2018-10-16 17:04:18 crtl    
2018-10-18 11:11:41 ELAR MUZIK @elarmuzik  
2018-10-19 12:02:37 Dwelms WIZE RELEASE THAT INTRO BEAT

some more bits & pieces and another animal sample for good measure

shout out to my grandfather, otherwise he can't hear it
2018-10-21 7:18:13 bisouuu   Sounds from my kalimba. love from paris
2018-10-23 11:53:40 QTS crew   smooth string samples and baile funk beats
2018-10-24 11:47:41 BLESS ME yo sounding u hat fill, snare, and sick reverse voice in E key

s/o to noir
2018-10-24 12:57:25 shinra / / just peace and love.
2018-10-24 13:11:38 Siberian   GLHF! :)
2018-10-25 6:30:16 Richard D. Jackson    
2018-10-25 11:16:54 rejectdamain YOOO I LACED YALL AGAIN


2018-10-29 13:23:06 natan fec    
2018-10-29 14:16:48 Jay Biskwee   classical bassssssss

2018-10-29 19:22:38 maybeanton I was gonna add more sounds but these are helpful and fun or whatever. skrr skrr!
2018-10-30 4:46:35 Low Energy Gabe   Dear Maya, I’m your biggest fan
I even got that underground shit you did with Skam
Hit me back,
Just to chat,
Your biggest fan,
This is Szatan
2018-10-30 7:40:25 Bob Bell  
2018-10-30 10:20:40 Riddyma  
2018-10-30 10:50:05 Tenacious F   These are cuts of Jack Black saying what sounds like "ass" and "pussy" during an interview, however he's not, one is actually just the word "gas" and the other is him mispronouncing "pus-y" while describing something full of pus.

Still.... might be useful for some booty bass or something idk
2018-10-30 13:41:20 TheOnyme  
2018-10-30 13:48:07 TheOnyme  
2018-10-30 14:07:27 vybes have a good time!
2018-10-30 14:09:47 ELOQ gotta get some zelda in there am i right
2018-10-30 14:11:27 Pippy Galloshins   ooft!!
2018-10-30 14:14:02 YungRoshi These are some fun vox samples; really hyphy
2018-10-30 14:16:32 240PSYNTH 240PSYNTH here
Here's an unreleased song I couldn't complete . Here's an F U to ableton 9 and a hell yeah to ableton 10 . 2019 we goingggg innnnn beeeyaaattccchh
2018-10-30 14:17:21 DIY in G44   DeWalt combi drill. Trying to get my house ready to move in for Christmas
2018-10-30 14:19:50 DIY in G44   Ozito heat gun. Stripping 100 years of varnish from wood panelling is a real pain in the ass.
2018-10-30 14:23:54 FanmanOrangutan   dave brubeck take five cut in two
2018-10-30 14:24:44 CLUBKELLY    
2018-10-30 14:25:55 Üzmän  
2018-10-30 14:28:10 Harmonica Greg Sampled and edited these myself. Cat died last week, last remaining audio of her.

Good shit folks.
2018-10-30 14:29:40 RichardD   old tuss. F Major
2018-10-30 14:29:49 Martinaco    
2018-10-30 14:30:10 melou gotcha baby
2018-10-30 14:33:12 tibushka    
2018-10-30 14:34:47 Üzmän    
2018-10-30 14:38:49 Young Bucktooth yo mans a inspired rapper INIT so use my vocals styl and split da bread wid man init this s my sort code - 50-67-56 and 45375769
2018-10-30 14:41:38 Quidproquod   Some Fxs and bloops bleeps
2018-10-30 14:45:34 Martin G    
2018-10-30 14:47:04 The FED    
2018-10-30 14:47:46 BAZINGA    
2018-10-30 14:47:53 Martin G   Crying vocal!
2018-10-30 14:48:30 The FED    
2018-10-30 14:52:04 NANA    
2018-10-30 14:53:55 RYDER    
2018-10-30 15:09:16 bawft!!!   oooooooft
2018-10-30 15:20:21 dj angel hitlar    
2018-10-30 15:22:54 Steun   sample from my Leploop
2018-10-30 15:27:38 Danrop   x.x
2018-10-30 15:42:48 Sink   Hi guys just made this little sample a while ago please try and use it bedroom dj from Belfast.
2018-10-30 15:47:13 Sink   Hi guys try this sample bedroom DJ from Belfast.
2018-10-30 15:55:51 240PSYNTH 240psynth in the house
2018-10-30 16:01:34 Subbie   SUB CLUB - THE GREATEST CLUB IN THE WORLD
2018-10-30 16:07:04 Loom Hiiiiiii guys, this is 2nd drum groove of Awareness :)
2018-10-30 16:08:55 WAXON  
2018-10-31 6:49:38 WaffleHouse   Shoutout to shigeto
2018-10-31 6:59:14 Wafflehouse   It's me wafflehouse and btw my real name is 240PSYNTH if you're wondering
2018-10-31 7:18:41 hehe   hehe
2018-10-31 7:25:30 hehe   iss 240psynth
2018-10-31 18:35:00 my mum beats me samples from BATMAN ~ The Video Game on nintendo Game Bot
2018-11-02 11:57:24 Snack Daddy   Dear Wize,
Thank you very much for taking some of your precious time to read this message. I would just like to say I am a firm believer in the church of crowdsourced and repent each day for the phat beatz that are crafted by those honourable guests you bring into your cathedral of riddim. Anyway, here's a swanky beat for you to lay some saucy bars over. Regards to the fam.
Keep up the good work.
Snacky D
2018-11-03 12:48:36 Ghost Syndicate  
2018-11-03 17:48:02 lasse laurentius  
2018-11-07 7:09:03 Dwelms some more stuff from the vaults

shout out to my grandfather, otherwise he can't hear it

p.s. end of the year wize special where you make beats with unused samples we've send in inspired by this years artists?
2018-11-10 11:30:43 Crackberry  
2018-11-13 17:17:04 chromasy / Had to seriously compress the files to upload, sorry for the lack of quality.
2018-11-18 15:26:29 Lil B    
2018-11-19 8:18:31 240SYNTH   hehe
2018-11-19 8:19:11 24OPSYNTH   hehe
2018-11-23 6:40:37 P I F - B I T S / / HELLO!! - I'M FROM MEXICO


2018-12-11 10:54:02 schousboe shoutout Age Of Empires
2018-12-17 7:11:13 Eli Grand /eligrand SKRTTTTT
2018-12-26 13:36:46 nanda_trahsetia GOODLUCK BRUH
2018-12-26 15:37:23 Zouzi (i like to call myself like that)   im just a regular guy i made that, i think last year in july 2017 just becaus i was bored and damn i like it i hope you are something with it. second track = "on the house" on 00:56 til 00:58 i screw up but still i think i made a banger

god bles you

p.s: i made this with soundation a program from google where you can make a beat with existed samples, i hope its oke
2018-12-27 10:26:20 Crackberry cool samples for cool people.
2018-12-27 11:19:41 wrthls some of my selfmade drums, melodies and foley stuff. s/o to Pen Gutt and Samkopf
2018-12-29 11:46:43 prod. eren / aka newschoollove erendz_ /instagram Love you!
2018-12-31 9:45:01 Jussjoe   big up
2019-01-04 16:02:12 xato  
2019-01-05 12:20:53 ?†?‘?‹  
2019-01-06 6:06:30 Ukemi   I ?¤BOILER ROOM!
2019-01-07 8:12:37 anyartistnameyougoby Hope you can make something from this, sample is from AFX's Analogue Bubblebath 2, song is untitled.

Also, thanks Boiler Room and everyone who works on the show for Crowdsourced, it is truly an amazing series.
2019-01-10 2:39:21 Tomothy Picked up some experimental samples for ya!

Shoutout to the Russian DnB/Neurofunk producers out there!
2019-01-10 14:13:41 1stmanonearth Defend kebab 4 life
2019-01-11 7:41:39 Tory Boy   Long live the HRH The Queen
2019-01-16 14:10:30 Sevje    
2019-01-22 10:38:41 eris,, fye sounds, enjoy.
shoutout wize the best host ever
2019-01-22 11:31:13 Snipars    
2019-01-22 11:50:53 worldwidewev some drums and pads

much love to y'all, it's a goal of mine to play a BR set someday

have an EP coming out on the 29th, house and techno if you dig lmk!!
2019-01-22 11:57:29 Makzo ay waddup wize! u crazy for this one! hope you like the samples dude
2019-01-22 12:33:16 Nnaye with love from Kazan ;)
2019-01-22 19:26:55 maybeanton just incase, innit because some of these packs are weirdos
2019-01-22 22:05:56 Roshan Jamrock Instagram: @iamroshanjamrock / Facebook: Samples are from some of my releases. past recordings. Just bits that i dig and think you will dig as well. Do give me a shoutout and tag me if you use any of my samples :)
2019-01-23 8:47:14 mb   some shit i scraped from some project files, ableton master race, tell crazy cousinz im upset he never emailed me that bassline after replying to my twitter dm
2019-01-24 4:50:39 SMYAH Curious to see what you'll make out of my personal sample bank. Cheers
2019-01-24 10:51:15 YosoyPablo s/o to Wize. perhaps he learns to pronounce my name without breacking his tongue. sorry bro haha
2019-01-24 18:17:49 dankerthanhank    
2019-01-25 7:46:39 Xaatu  
2019-01-25 10:45:52 rejectdamain hey fam here are some loops i made in some tunes im working on with a few producers. shout ou my fellow crowdsource produce SV1 we collabed because he saw my samples on your show. ALSO I HAD AN INTERVIEW WITH KILOHEARTS and shouted yall out. AGAIN MUCH LOOP FLIP THESE LOOPS WIZE
2019-01-25 10:51:37 rejectdamain heres another batch of my own sounds because your boi gotta keep it exclusive for wize
2019-01-25 14:26:53 Jackson Swaby Some more guitar business! Happy 2019 crowdsourced gang
2019-01-25 17:23:57 rejectdamain so im beta testing a new syth by kilohearts called phase plant. these are those sounds i made with it. enjoy!
2019-01-25 22:22:10 rozzztik the plastic wrap paper I took from a toy box, and suddenly feel it is genius crispy snare for you.
2019-01-26 13:41:57 Trash  
2019-01-28 2:44:54 @Trillivmmusic Love yourself, first and foremost :)
2019-01-28 8:32:05 zonae big detuned distorted ugly horrible kick drum made in massive

enjoy x
2019-01-28 9:07:25 Winter Some samples from my own personal sample pack that i am making for learning purposes(all made out of serum and "some" effects.
2019-01-28 10:30:16 ElMari.  
2019-01-28 16:16:28 Android 21   Kill em boyo x
2019-01-28 19:43:08 Franc Instagram - @francmnrts - soundcloud- CMNRTS - Facebook - Franc Featuring James Brunell - Common Roots Music
2019-01-29 4:14:36 Kriss-T I never could flipped that nino sample. Maybe you have an idea. :) All the best! Krizzay :)

Shout out the whole Crowdsourced Crew! Keep that thing rolling.
Shout out BoilerRoom and Wize.
And Shoutout NoSignal Gang, Samplebar and BMF from Switzerland!
2019-01-29 5:03:28 Captain Vita / / Enjoy the custom made pack fellas!
2019-01-29 9:37:41 just harry   recently rewatched akira & realised that it's set in 2019, so here are some sounds for your dystopian vision of the real 2019.

the estecdrum samples were recorded in a spacecraft testing facility.

( they're by peter kirn, you can get them all here )

shoutout to massie, i hope you can still love me even though i stood you up.

also shoutout to the randy clan.
2019-01-29 9:41:11 Digital Mozart **(I'm gonna copy and paste this on all the packs I send) Big up you and Massie, on a real one I'm proud of the platform you've created. The best show on the internet. Take these samples and make a mad ting Shamless plug: "EP out soon featuring Wize and new music on friday ;)"
2019-01-29 9:41:25 Digital Mozart **(I'm gonna copy and paste this on all the packs I send) Big up you and Massie, on a real one I'm proud of the platform you've created. The best show on the internet. Take these samples and make a mad ting Shamless plug: "EP out soon featuring Wize and new music on friday ;)"
2019-01-29 9:41:29 Digital Mozart **(I'm gonna copy and paste this on all the packs I send) Big up you and Massie, on a real one I'm proud of the platform you've created. The best show on the internet. Take these samples and make a mad ting Shamless plug: "EP out soon featuring Wize and new music on friday ;)"
2019-01-29 10:35:14 ronaldwighed alright boom listen to this
2019-01-29 11:03:02 Enter The Void Shout out to this amazing serie and to all the people behind it, I picked a random bunch of samples from my personal folder, flip them up!
2019-01-29 11:30:22 JD. REID Happy 10 episodes g!
2019-01-29 11:57:13 Harshiv Parekh enjoy fam
2019-01-29 14:08:48 Muccy big fan of the show, i've put in some of my favourite sounds, big up my housemate Charlie
2019-01-29 14:21:06 AWLpro hey hey hey

Arabic sample, drum loop and a snare.

have a blast
2019-01-29 14:42:54 Chri    
2019-01-29 14:47:11 TMSV aaakaaaaaiiiiistrrrrreeetttchhhhhh
2019-01-29 14:48:44 Young Conan Chilled loop for you
2019-01-29 14:51:31 alibongo    
2019-01-29 14:56:54 JonEcks Big Up Boiler Room Big Up Crowd Sourced Big Up Wize
2019-01-29 14:58:17 iamsouz U
2019-01-29 15:04:38 Wade   Not a vocal this time, hope you feel the sample! Bigup Crowdsourced every time!
2019-01-29 15:05:11 Winterstellar    
2019-01-29 15:10:24 Player   have fun :)
2019-01-29 15:12:08 Timi O Adlibs/BG I recorded for a track I never used called "five hundred degrees"

S/o to Malik Bawa
2019-01-29 15:21:10 Vybes Big up to my godfather's daughter lea, we comin out wit some hit songs in croatia killin it
2019-01-29 15:26:33 Tense Librarian    
2019-01-29 15:29:40 Sailmaker Yellow! invite me sometime to play at one of the boiler room gigs. please!
2019-01-29 15:30:26 iamsouz fodex
2019-01-29 15:34:23 Chef Fergo ya boiiiii clap me dad
2019-01-29 15:40:56 Rein Ole   [plz
2019-01-29 15:51:49 LiterallyJesus   I dunno, I'm just a random person. Here's a sample.
2019-01-29 15:54:58 Ekya Syn Life is the message ! Music is life..
2019-01-29 15:57:42 Ekya Syn   for a drone but just to fly
2019-01-29 16:01:37 Ekya Syn   Was fitting with the last beat but well lol
2019-01-30 1:17:32 дажбог (dažbog) pad and 808 might be off pitch
2019-01-30 8:56:32 PLZREADMYMESSAGE btw I'm hehe , 240psynth , waffle house . dj ans prolly even more hehehhe
2019-01-30 9:00:44 Tchuidoudounewet  
2019-01-30 9:18:14 Eiméwonkin EY JACKSON SO GARCON
2019-01-30 9:23:23 MichaelJacksonJr MOVAIS MOVAIS MOVAIS
2019-01-31 3:09:35 дажбог (dažbog) shoutouts dj zirk
2019-01-31 20:08:53 Trash  
2019-02-02 10:22:29 Ching  
2019-02-02 16:46:31 Tsugi Greatest show on youtube :), keep it up!!
2019-02-02 21:26:02 Nami or dylanthewave I'm 17, I make compositions/samples.
Love the channel, submitting to hopefully be feautured.
2019-02-03 6:07:32 New Kiln Studios @newkilnstudios  
2019-02-03 8:30:26 TDC   liquid sunshine
2019-02-03 16:50:19 ConPro   Accordion style melody
2019-02-05 15:25:07 I don't really make music anymore so I don't have an artist name   I think you can make this work.
2019-02-05 15:55:33 Ime Moor   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

i like crowdsourced *u*
2019-02-08 11:28:39 rejectdamain WHAT UP IMA PLUG YALL again
2019-02-08 11:28:47 rejectdamain these batches of sounds i sent in are from a sound design session i did recently
2019-02-10 10:52:50 Big Ross    
2019-02-10 11:58:30 Big Ross    
2019-02-11 9:35:29 MORRIS   Just some Random Fx and Sounds... Have Fun!!
Soutouts to Wize!!
2019-02-11 19:20:02 gg enjoy the sounds and have a blessed day
2019-02-11 19:40:07 IAMANTONJOSEPH Shoutout Big Drako, Shoutout Suede? (@soundofsuede)
2019-02-11 21:10:49 maybeanton heres a few samples and recordings i had lying around in my project folders
2019-02-12 5:32:36 LOELASH hey guys at crowdsourced! can't wait for tonight. its gonna be my first time attending and thought I'd record this sax bit in my home studio for you today. see you later
2019-02-12 8:49:54 BISKWEE   large up the navel peepz
2019-02-12 13:24:59 myrkyl  
2019-02-12 13:34:15 ChassAb   Drums. shoutout to producers
2019-02-12 13:40:20 GSD samples are a few stems from this tune
cheers! shoutout peace and love and good health
2019-02-12 13:45:49 homebyten   shoutout my boy $atan
2019-02-12 13:48:58 GSD sending samples again in case they didn't get loaded, cheers and sorry 4 da aggrevation

stems our from our track SAVE AS shoutout MILO
2019-02-12 14:08:35 Komorebi Audio Yo wize its skit. Hope you/your guest get some use out of these sounds.
2019-02-12 14:10:39 meexdub   My dad playing the guimbarde, this really weird instrument :)

Shoutout Ouri who I will see on saturday in brussels
and shoutout Le Motel with whom I recorded my dad !
2019-02-12 14:12:15 Spin D  
2019-02-12 14:12:54 Jon Lockley Here's a nice zap for ya.
2019-02-12 14:14:05 arnold nelson,, this is swang music it is the latest genre .swang means synthesizedmusic with a new groove,a fusion of pop,techno,rap,dancehall and world music
2019-02-12 14:19:21 88 Degrees Vocals. This is such a concept.
2019-02-12 14:28:26 Clash Gordon :)
2019-02-12 14:37:55 reese wonderfuck   howdy
2019-02-12 14:38:42 Mister Boot WASSUP OURI!
2019-02-12 14:39:49 sleeplessinflatland Yo what's up. Big fan. Here's a thing from a washing machine documentary.
2019-02-12 14:41:40 NotAnArtist    
2019-02-12 14:46:19 sdfgsdg    
2019-02-12 14:56:11 DoLikeYouFeel  
2019-02-12 14:56:34 chaas  
2019-02-12 15:01:52 doombrain I aint got Dre I got tray
2019-02-12 15:07:00 Skay   it's a tad loud but it's a pretty neat yell
2019-02-12 15:08:11 leon some samples I have cut recently, enjoy!

btw. wize u funny
2019-02-12 15:13:58 davide fresco    
2019-02-12 15:17:41 Y8t    
2019-02-12 15:18:57 TheOnyme yooo! Big up!
2019-02-12 15:25:10 DOOMBRAIN From Electribe 2
2019-02-12 15:30:20 doombrain my dog called bane
2019-02-12 15:32:02 doombrain me on a mental state
2019-02-12 15:34:10 Y8t    
2019-02-12 15:36:15 NotAnArtist    
2019-02-12 16:03:05 doombrain my dog
2019-02-12 16:03:36 gofish   s/o MTL gang
2019-02-12 16:04:40 DOOMBRAIN A motor compressor from a factory.
2019-02-12 17:04:12 Trash  
2019-02-13 14:35:03 KAV Love you guys so much, best show on YT. Hopefully I'll be on ere one day ;) x
2019-02-17 18:18:21 EpicBruhMoment    
2019-02-25 13:19:08 asq    
2019-02-26 19:05:10 FireAppleRed    
2019-02-27 19:05:10 Simon Martin   A riser made from a snare
2019-02-28 19:05:10 PLZREADMYMESSAGE I am dj ans, hehe , wafflehouse , 240psynth , tchuidoudounewet and way more
2019-03-01 19:05:10 Souled Out some things i scavenged from my ongoing/old projects
2019-03-02 19:05:10 werewolf in law    
2019-03-03 19:05:10 skankeroner238nzrep i'm going to cry myself to sleep if you aint use navi -hey also check this guy from my local he goes nuts
2019-03-04 19:05:10 Dwelms   Shoutout to my granddad, otherwise he can't hear it

p.s. when are we getting that intro track?
2019-03-05 19:05:10 DJ SRANJE Some random samples I am sure someone can turn to gold. Shoutout Chong the Nomad. Get her on the show.
2019-03-06 19:05:10 Suna   monks chanting through couple delays on the swells not sure where the others come from

enjoy :)
2019-03-07 19:05:10 AvocadoVII   A few original samples


Ep. 1: Sam Gellaitry
The first episode to kick it all off, Lord Sammy G set the standard mega high with his FL Studio wizardry.
Ep. 2: Oshi
Oshi brought his mum through and we smoked out the studio making lo-fi beats to chill / study / wank to.
Ep. 3: Flava D
Making 9 well-rounded beats (!) Flava came with the skill and work-rate that would have anyone shook.
Ep. 4: Iglooghost
Crowdsourced proved the perfect platform for Igloo to make his signature collage of wildly disparate sounds.
Ep. 5: ROMderful & Emmavie
Two of the most gifted talents revitalising R&B right now - seeing them work together so seamlessly is heartwarming.
Ep. 6: Sh?m & More//Night 
Each a master of sound design in their own right. The two of them flip the X-Files theme unrecognisably.
Ep. 7: Crazy Cousinz
Who could be a better guest for a Notting Hill Carnival Special than the don of UK Funky himself? Mad versatile this guy.
Ep. 8: Jarreau Vandal
Long time friend of the show, Mr. Vandal effortlessly sauces all over those samples without breaking a sweat.
Ep. 9: Nightwave
Easily the sharpest wit to pass through the studio, Nightwave finessed every style and tempo with ease.
Ep. 10: WIZE & friends
Finally, after many a request, our host WIZE finally gets to jump on the buttons and flex them production muscles.
Ep. 11: Ouri
The person behind one of the best live sets ever on BR, Ouri the sound design queen crafts a cinema soundtrack.


Submit your own sounds

If you feel like getting involved, either by uploading wav/mp3s or recording audio directly in the browser, then click the button below and get started. This will add them to the bank of sounds ahead of the next show and your name will appear in the credits. Easy.

Add your own visuals 

For the design-inclined, we've created a new collaborative playlist on Youtube that allows you to showcase your visual arts on the show with your own logo / name burned in & we'll credit you at the end of the show too.



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