Curitiba’s Key Players


After a successful consignment of carefully curated events in collaboration with Skol Beats in Amazonia and Sao Paolo, we continue to trek back into Brazil’s very own electronic, autonomous sounds ad-hoc for the most demanding creatures of the night in our long awaited debut in the country’s southern jewel, Curitiba. It is more than evident that Brazil’s colourfully diverse native music background has come to shape one of the most fertile music scenes that nurture jumbo exports like the experimental local Soul One, the hardware-driven Gaturamo project, tech-house workout duo VCO Rox, and the acclaimed live Detroit-dyed Underground Resistance trio.

Brazil’s Paranáian region has unlocked its very own shade of house textures through key underground spaces in Curitiba like the defunct Legend’s Club, Vibe Club, and cultivating talent that has broken through the haze imposed by the country’s Portuguese linguistic seclusion stand in South America, becoming a low-key, yet vital contributor to both the LATAM and worldwide dance guild. Beyond doubt, our Skol Beats x Curitiba showcase will prove to this by key selection of the city’ key house honchos: Synk Records founder Rodrigo Carreyra , Fabø back-to-back with Hot Creations’ gem HNQO , wax-work devotee Kaká Franco , and the deep tonal selector Gromma.


Synk Records founder, Rodrigo Carreyra is one of Curitiba’s key veteran figures, beginning his vast musical career during his teenage years in the early 90s through Transamerica FM’s Planet Groove radio show. After extensive tours proving his DJ potential throughout Germany, England, and Japan, Carreyra has come to own an extensive catalogue via local and foreign labels like Presslab, Intoxikate, Lo Kik, Inminimax, Soul Man Music, Tech Grooves, Hauzier, FOK, with remixes from Neighbour and Louie Fresco. Casual, late night studio lock-ins have formed years of expertise which have marked Brazil’s music output in the history of Paraná based house music.

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Rolldabeetz’ in-house producer Fabø’s production secrets lie in tuning and translating his ancestral influences of Joy Division influence post-punk fragility of guitar weeps to compressor-roaring synthesizer atmospheres and piercing kick/clap odysseys. Not only has the native Curitiban become an ambassador of Brazil’s house and techno scene by breeding his own Playperview label with HNQO, but he has also scored releases in some of the most globally celebrated imprints like Nervous , Neurotraxx Deluxe  and Electronique.

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Playperview co-founder and former famed breakdancer Henrique Oliveria or HNQO throughout the past years has drifted from the cardboard and linoleum mats in his hometown to spin his shimmering sounding crafts discovered by Crosstown Rebels’ Russ Yallop . Backed by his successful Beatport top lister “Point of View” release on Hot Creations, it is safe to say that is signature infectious deep house and club ready drum takes and vocal chop-sampling style prove his young yet committed career devoted to create black holes in dance floors at the peak and sublime moments of any late night congregation. HNQO successfully encompasses the swung human highlights of 80s boogie techno and 70s funk in dark and bass driven- deep house tracks that contribute to his current eminence in the underground.

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After a teenage saturated club inducement in the 90s, Carlos Henrique AKA Kaka Franco has risen up to embody all sorts of House music essences, bathing his DJ sets in all shapes and colours. His purist vision on creating classic root-house soundscape layers through long and hypnotizing narratives. It is common for technique-driven musicians to lose ground on the fragile tact of track selections, yet Franco has managed to sustain both an impeccable DJ craft/artistry and sense of selection, which have landed him exorbitant feedback from Curitiba’s dance floors.

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Vibe Club resident, Joao Paulo Gromma has been established as a local phenomenon with his eight praise-worthy years on the Curitiba club circuit job with an extensive performance curriculum that includes Curitiba’s   Tribaltech Festival, Santa Catarina’s Warung, Belo Horizonte’s Deputamadre, etc. His signature deep house workouts have attracted avid music lovers which have led his performances to become somewhat of a public service – supplying Brazil with local musical diversity from a global perspective.

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