D.K. “Raindrops”

Deeply loveable Parisian label Antinote has been blurring music’s lines since their 2012 conception, with the diverse releases that have prospered from their base within the city’s 11ème arrondissement walls. Not one given selection from Antinote’s vaults has made for dull listening – from Iueke‘s cassette-only techno and Geena’s explosive house, to Syracusee’s soda pop and the frank exploration of human fragility in Nico Motte‘s Life Goes On If You Are Lucky.

Antinote now welcomes back the versatile DJ, producer and experimentalist, D.K. (Dang Khoa Chau), for his second release with the imprint, Island of Dreams. D.K.’s self-ascribed aesthetic influences come from 1980s and 1990s digital culture – Super Nintendo, American teen movies on VHS, Daryl Hall and John Oates on MTV – these of which he transposes into a musical idiom of dated synth melodies, power keyboard chords, tropical drum machine rhythms and raw bass lines. These are exhibited comprehensively on today’s Debut, and the only house-y tip of the record, “Raindrops”. A feel-good track totally retrospective in nature, “Raindrops” tails off the synthetic, virtu-real world of D.K.’s Island of Dreams with the utmost satisfaction.

D.K.’s Island of Dreams drops on March 4th. One certainly not to miss in its full glory, pre-order it via Piccadilly now.

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