Dengue Dengue Dengue “Murdah”

Dengue Dengue Dengue have an enviable ability to whisk together the traditional and electronic. Their debut LP La Alianza Profana was a stellar example of just that – a cumbia-cum-electronica joyride dip-dyed in all the right amounts of psychedelia and mystique. 2014’s follow up project, Serpiente Dorada EP was no less of a trip. And now with July 2015 here, the Peruvian pair are providing a sneak peek at their next move. “Murdah” is four minutes of footwork-paced hysteria that showcases a step up in tempo. Unrelenting drum pounds, a percussive tribal backbone and rapid-fire vocal chops become locked in an aural bull-fight that’s both infectious and dancefloor-ready.

The highly-anticipated second album from Dengue Dengue Dengue arrives later this year via Enchufada. Lap this preview up while you can.

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