DJ Sonikku “On the Rocks”

After getting ins on the debut release from Lobster Theremin‘s Distant Hawaii imprint, we’re straight onto the next, with a track from DJ Sonikku‘s Secret Island EP, dropping at the end of next month.

Directly inspired by and conjured up from the dreamy 16-bit realms of the Sega Megadrive, the London-based DJ Sonikku has used the legendary game console as a proto-MPC platform to assemble Secret Island‘s three Internet-centric tracks. Our top pick, “On the Rocks” provides the release with a tropical intermission. Steel drums energise the track with a calypso house undertone, with the tinker-toy motif upholding the track’s atmosphere of a lackadaisical beach-scape.

Secret Island drops in full on November 27th.

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