Drae Da Skimask “CoogiSweater”

Jon Phonics and his team of Astral Black merry men are up to no good again. Along with beatsy hip-hop, oozy 808s and melodic trap rhythms have become a real cornerstone of the label’s sound. Drae da Skimask taps into the latter on ’95 Mindfulness, the next project on the London-via-Glasgow imprint. Our choice of Debut is “CoogiSweater” and boy, is it a joint to accompany a joint. Lose yourself in the drunken hi-hat skitters, icy electric piano chords and infamous Biggie murmurs of “who would ever think that you would spread like mustard?”


’95 Mindfullness drops July 17th, preorder the limited edition, handprinted cassette & digital release here (Bandcamp) & here (Bleep).

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