Dressin Red “Viennetta”

The Astral Black sect joined us last November for a Boiler Room affair immersed in psychotropic visuals and well-measured track selection. Now that the 2014 chapter has closed, label head Jon Phonics is honing the crosshairs on the year ahead.

It begins with an eight track project from 20-year old Edinburgh raised, Glasgow based beatsmith Dressin Red. The youngun has already earned radio support from the likes of LuckyMe and Donky Pitch, and Head/Body continues on a solid trajectory. Separated into two sections – four tracks for the introspective mind, and four others for the dancefloor – it’s “Viennetta” that has piqued our interest the most.

Maybe its the fact that the introduction sounds like the Rugrats theme from some eerie, parallel universe. Or the mish-mash of Eski and otherworldly hip-hop that informed our choice. Either way, it’s blissful stuff and a determined first stomp into the next twelve months.

Preorder Head/Body here & catch Dressin Red at the Astral Black label party in London here.

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