Club culture in Italy and the States are closer than you might think: see disco's domination of Europe, before Italo Disco found its way back into key New York and Chicago record stores to plant the seeds for House; or think piano-laden pop from the Mediterranean laying the foundations for New Jersey’s ascendency in the 90s. The import/export of sounds and styles has been ongoing for decades.

Together with FIAT, we’re delving into this longstanding transatlantic link. After an exploration of Italy with veterans Tony Carrasco (Klein & MBO) and Daniele Baldelli, we hop across the pond to New York to meet contemporary artists still influenced by Italy’s heyday. Here, we meet Jacques Renault, Juan Maclean, Honey Soundsystem and more, with a panel discussion and live broadcast event from Brooklyn’s Verboten on the 8th October, as well as a pop-up record shop outside the venue courtesy of Superior Elevation.

Before joining us in New York on Thursday, Jacques Renault rummages back through the record sleeves, to take a look back at the finest American-Italy imports and piece together the seeds of Italo-disco’s recent revival.