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    Hardcore punk band Trash Talk head up our third session in collaboration with GoPro. Spencer Pollard, Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson have gained notoriety for their wild live shows, defined by full-blooded mosh pits and stage dives. This one is taking place on their home turf, and with a backdrop of friends and skaters alike.

    Support comes from very special guest Earl Fletcher, who will be making his DJ debut. It's about to get sweaty.

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    Back in September, Boiler Room buddied up with GoPro to host an intimate East London party like no other.

    As always, the bill was populated by a roll call of enviable musical talents: from young trap lord, Oshi to Future Beats chieftain, Complexion; DJ Cable through License 2 Trill head Motive, NTS' Martelo and out through our Livin' Proof family, Budgie and Rags. But as if that wasn't enough, we included a surprise unannounced guest — the unmistakeable Action Bronson.

    Not only were fans able to brush shoulders with Bam Bam, but the NY rapper took to the floor with a GoPro camera attached to his head and another on his microphone. Now that never-before-seen footage is ready to be broadcast live on Boilerroom.tv. Ever wondered what it's like to be in Action Bronson’s eye sockets? Well, now you really can. Tune in from 19.00 GMT on Sunday 11th October.

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    GoPro and Boiler Room have teamed up to bring people worldwide into the heart of vital music scenes across the globe. First up, we’re heading to Los Angeles for the perfect Summer party. Helping us are some of LA’s best wordsmiths… Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, and Boogie. We’ll be broadcasting live from the quintessential LA scene… a backyard pool party. Put on some sunblock, crack open a beer, and enjoy the show.

  • If there was ever an obvious partner for Boiler Room, it's GoPro. Both are emblematic of precisely the same exciting generational and technological shift. The internet era was always supposed to be about giving you access to whatever you want, but GoPro was the camera that finally made that really possible - the one that could get into any situation and capture and share the passion that people feel for their activities and interests. That, of course, was the very basis of Boiler Room from the beginning: self-documenting of vital music scenes, and bringing people worldwide right into the heart of those scenes. Between us, we're all about finding the action and taking you there.

    Each month, Boiler Room + GoPro will have taken a look into our most hype moments as well as some behind the scenes candids that you don’t see on our traditional broadcast. Check out some of the best bits of Boiler Room in this series of short videos.