Hawkes & Blake “Flip a Coin”

As celebrations are prepped for their tenth birthday and hitting a centenary of releases – 2016 certainly looks strong for AUS Music. It’s only February, but the label are already set to drop their second offering of the year. Huxley now passes the baton to two label favourites, [Marquis] Hawkes & [Timothy] Blake. Both made their debuts on AUS only last year, where the Blake-Hawkes connection had already formed on Blake’s Stormy Search EP. The studio chemistry now continues with the collaborative Love Precipitation EP, consisting of two tracks custom-built for the dancefloor. “Flip a Coin” on the A-side sets the retrospective mood accordingly – elated synth grooves and powerful house chords on the piano, laid over skippety garage rhythms from the polished 909 drums. A big celebratory sound, straight from the turrets of AUS.

Love Precipitation drops February 12th. Exciting AUS birthday celebrations incoming. Stay tuned…

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