Henry Wu “Dubplate Special”

Bradley Zero swashbuckling efforts with Rhythm Section continue to induce pleasure across the office and beyond. His regular soirees at Canavans Pool Hall are typified by the type of loose, one-love community ethos that many club nights would starve for; red neon lit, set time-less and buoyed by an all-encompassing music policy. Naysayers need only check Edd Fisher this Saturday in Peckham. On top of that, the RS discography stockpile is quickly blossoming into a well-nurtured settling for talent; undeterred by genre or location, and instead driven by an unwavering feel good factor. There’s already been woozy, drifting deep house from Melbourne’s Prequel and the velvety hook up with Vancouver’s Mood Hut rep Local Artist to digest. Just six releases in, and the air miles have definitely been totting up.

As the title suggests, RS007 resides a bit closer to home than previous entries. Good Morning Peckham is Henry Wu‘s ode to his local area, built around his now recognised style of off-kilter, slacker house. “Dubplate Special” is a special lecture in groove; a marriage between succulent bass sways and radiant Rhodes piano that’s oh so ripe for summer.

It’s out on Monday July 27th and available to pre order here.

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