Hidden Spheres “Waiting”

It’s been a happy spectacle watching our friends at Lobster Theremin grow into the pink-bellied beast we see before us today. Their following has grown almost as quickly as their roster, snowballing via a release schedule that’s as strong as it is frequent: a consistently welcome serve-up of Motor City-inspired house, dreamscape acid and narcotic techno.

Late last year, Camp Lobster drilled deeper into the spectrum with Mörk, the label’s darkling sub-imprint and home to its gloomiest techno. This week they inaugurate a new imprint, Distant Hawaii – a summer off-shoot for beach-coasting sunshine house. And its first release is exactly that: a wonderfully deep debut for Manchester man Hidden Spheres with ounces of feels. ‘Waiting’ is our pick of the litter: a glowing thumper that’s all butter-melt Rhodes lines, ecstatic vocal whoops, and tons of playful percussion. The perfect summer jam, basically – coming to a terrace near you very soon.

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