Card On Spokes “Impala Parlour/Journey To Life”

Behind Shane Cooper’s musicality exists an ingenuity honed through an unrelenting commitment to his music. Since being taken in by the jazz cats from South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Shane’s talent as a jazz musician has overflowed, spilling out into electronic productions under the Card On Spokes moniker.

Taken from the upcoming As We Surface EP, “Impala Parlour/Journey To Life” is pretty f***ing dope to be honest. Attention is instantly seized by its wavy space-age synth-scapes, jittery cascading melodies and a boat-load of earthy instrumentals. Shane’s skill is razor sharp. Sincere, brave and uncompromising in his ability to blend and bend genres. His technique in building coherent bridges between musical styles – all that are otherwise chasms apart – make up part of his distinctive future space-synth sound.

Out independently as a single on 26th August.

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