James Booth “Human Rites”

Throughout music’s moody ‘post-everything’ age, husband and wife Amanda and Britt Brown have worked solidly for 10+ years to provide quality releases via their Not Not Fun100% Silk flagship – the latter being NNF’s five-year-old offshoot which has catalogued dance music releases by the likes of Gerd Janson, Fort Rameau and Luca Lozano.

After his 2013 Reunion cassette, this November marks the second release on 100% Silk for Mancunian producer, James Booth, with his vinyl debut, Human Rites. Using nothing but an old iMac to craft the six musical designs, Booth found liberation in the limitation, explaining: “I ended up focusing more deeply on the melodies and sound of each instrument.” As Booth says, this is “music for processes and passages; time elapses and we change”, and title track “Human Rites” undoubtedly takes the prize for this. A nostalgic *soundscape* which is rich in the nuances of 1990s ambient music, sustaining the 30-minute journey that we embark on with Booth throughout the EP.

Human Rites drops on 12″ on 6th November.

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