Jeremiah “Khawuleza (ft. Vusa Mkhaya)(Brawther Unreleased Dub)”

Brawther is one of the most consistent and enjoyable producers in the game, taking his time to get it spot on each and every. His catalogue may not be vast, but it’s all killer and no filler – and for those of you who weren’t paying attention at the back, a cheat sheet is on its way. Endless is due soon on Chez Damier’s sub-imprint Balance, a 3xLP compilation taking stock of Brawther’s releases thus far. Oh, plus an as-yet-unheard cut for good measure: this one right here.

Brawther’s dub of “Khawuleza” retains the groove and wholesome vibe, but leaves only the faintest trace of the vocals intact, letting Vusa Mkhaya float between the skippy, sticky, squelchy filter. It’s warm house music par excellence; where the balmy original felt kissed by afternoon sun, this dub is a fast-forward to that special place at the end of the party where day is breaking anew, full of promise.

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