Kickflip Mike “Vanilla Seibt”

After gracing our Copenhagian stage last summer, Max Graef‘s right-hand man Kickflip Mike [Joschka Seibt] now joins the Money $ex flanks alongside Glenn Astro, Delfonic, IMYRMIND, Hodini and Alex Seidel as the creator behind their fifth release. Joschka housing his debut EP with the homemade Graef-Delfonic-Astro imprint is a logical move, following on from his previous Box aus Holz dabblings. “Vanilla Seibt” is our top pick from M$R 005‘s five original cuts – gritty drum distortion grounding the celesta of scalic chimes and whistles above, upholding the well versed groove that the Money $ex / Tartelet / Box aus Holz / ava. crews are now known and loved for.

Catch your copy of M$R 005 via the OYE Records store.

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