Red Stripe Make Sessions

A small, sweaty room. Great DJs. The odd live performance. Red Stripe.The Fader, 2010.

The first Boiler Room sessions ever were founded on red stripe four-packs, borrowed speakers, empty warehouses, generators, gaffa tape, and of course a wealth of musical talent (watch this from back in 2010). Most people probably think we’ve been partnered with Red Stripe since day one, and I suppose through a mutual affinity for good music and drink we were – but now we’re making it real. We’re so excited to be working with a brand we genuinly respect, and one that is just as hyped as we are to take risks and do something different.

We’ve sat down and decided that our sole mission and rule for this year is that no two sessions will ever be the same. Over 2012 we’ll be rolling out a series of Make Sessions’, with no pre-determined format, date, or location. We’re kicking this off on Tuesday 21st February with a proper back to basics jam, remember that dusty old room? Like that except DOOM’s coming down with a bunch of his Lex records pals to confuse and educate us all. Excited? We are.