Monto “Proteus”

“Proteus” serves as our introduction to Monto, an Ireland-based newbie with a love for braiding hip hop, jazz and grime into cosmic, brain whirring instrumentals. A truly extraterrestrial entrant, “Proteus” slinks in with drumless, stretched-out rapper ad-libs for the first minute or two. Skittering hi-hats and percussion duly join the party soon after, but its the bout of otherworldly pads that really earn this track its stripes.

It’ll find a home on SertOne’s Liverpool based imprint, Fly High Society – other label heads include Iglooghost, Tehbis and Almighty Sion. Keep your eyes peeled for its release both digitally and on cassette (tape & digital, with a few bonus tracks tape only) or preorder it here.

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