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Greg Wilson

François K

Benji B

Sarah Farina

New York veteran François K, London’s prime tastemaker Benji B, and DJ/journalist Greg Wilson will collectively delve into the history and technological innovation behind remixing, re-arranging, and re-editing. Topics will range from the early days of the 12” extended disco edit, through to new tools like the open Stems format, which is modernising the way artists breathe new life into existing works.

The panel will be live streamed from the ICA in London, along with showcase performances by François K himself, and Berlin bass ambassador Sarah Farina.

Viewers are encouraged to get involved by asking questions on the BR chat room and via social media.

15.11.15 | 18:00-21:00 GMT | 19:00 - 22:00 CET | HOSTED BY
Free Stems

Intrigued to dive head first into Native Instruments' Stems format? Make yourself acquainted with this batch of free downloads from MANDY and Monte Booker, who are already experimenting with it. Stay tuned for more downloads in the coming weeks.

Stems has been created to enhance the possibilities for DJs, producers and live performers, providing the ability to freely interact with a track's different musical elements.

What is Stems?

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Carl Cox Stems Mixtape

Dance veteran Carl Cox is about as seasoned as they come: anointed King of Ibiza; a pioneer of acid house in the UK and a man with over 150,000 records to his name –– he's an institution unto himself.

As part of our partnership with Native Instruments, Carl turned in a brand new mix recorded using the new open multi-track audio format Stems. As a man who pioneered the three-deck DJ set as well as clocking over 10m views on our own channels alone, there was no-one better to showcase the enhanced creative possibility this new format offers for DJs. Dive in to thirty minutes of the master sliding together great tech-tonic plates with all the panache you've come to expect from one of clubland's oldest guards.

Watch Carl Cox discuss Stems further here

From Segues to Stems

It's no secret that Greg Wilson is a true master of the edit. The Liverpool-based DJ and journalist is celebrating 40 years behind the decks this year; a journey which has seen him constantly evolve alongside the technology at his disposal. From the reel-to-reel through to his latest run-ins with STEMS, he's maintained a reputation as an early adopter.

So who better to define how the edit has developed since the early experimentation of the mid-60s? Read on as Greg dives deep in this extensive and personal exploration.

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