Neil Landstrumm “The Rise of Slime”

We’re hoping that Ireland’s finest techno warrior Sunil Sharpe doesn’t need any introduction after his absolutely storming 90 minute set with Karenn and hyper-perceptive interview for us at the end of last year. And frankly Neil Landstrumm shouldn’t need any intro either given that he’s been rumbling the fuck out of warehouses and basements for 20+ years now.

Sunil’s label Earwiggle has a double-vinyl EP called Eight Wigglin’ Ways to Die coming up next month that features DeFeKt, Bintus, AnD, Boner M and a host of others including Landstrumm‘s “The Rise of Slime” which is a plug-ugly-but-funky-as-a-motherfucker bit of scrapyard rave music for meth-head robots.

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