Alright so the NOTHING NEW series took a little break, but let’s just casually ignore that after a small reminder of what it’s about. The premise of NOTHING NEW is to allow people to demonstrate their influences – by playing you some of their favourite older records. The real insight being that you get to see what different people see as older music.

So, for the fourth edition in the series, we hit up Bob from West Norwood Cassette Library to see what he’d like to do for it. After he jumped at the chance to showcase his love for Mood II Swing – well we knew we’d come to the right guy.

Anyway, we won’t bore you anymore – instead let’s hand over to Bob to give you some background on why Mood II Swing is so dope!


“Mood II Swing are my House music heroes. Surprisingly, given their reputation and musical output, there is relatively very little information about them out there. I like that. It’s very House.

“Supposedly naming themselves after a sound module pre-set, Lem Springstein and John Ciafone were at the height of their powers as Mood II Swing in the mid to late 90’s, expertlyproducing underground classics (every home has a copy of “Do It Your Way”, right?) andchart-topping pop hits for the likes of Ultra Nate (a mere mention of “Free” will have the hooklodged in your brain for days).

“Their impact on the UK underground may not be as pronounced as, say, Todd Edwards orMasters at Work, but nevertheless they were, and still are, just as influential. You can hearit in their bass lines and samples, even the choice of notes and chord progressions. Whenpeople talk of UKG being spawned from dj’s playing NY House trax at +8, you know they’retalking about Carol Sylvan’s ‘Closer’.

“I can’t honestly say that I have loved every production bearing their name (they haverecorded under so many aliases, together and solo) but when they hit it, they tick every boxfor me – musical without being pompous, tracky without being monotonous, deep withoutbeing dull as dishwater. Raw and gritty or smooth and polished – they do it with ease.

“The mix, like these notes, could have gone on for hours and hours but I’ll spare you. Here are15 reasons why Mood II Swing are still my heroes.”

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