Orlando Voorn “In My World”

Dutch techno veteran Orlando Voorn joins patriotic forces with notable Amsterdam label and distribution house Rush Hour to present his fourth full length album, In My World. Voorn has built a reputation as the key figure to forge links between his native Amsterdam and the techno mothership of Detroit. Voorn’s heritage (or the musical kind, as well as the national) means his partnership with the label comes as no surprise – especially as Rush Hour has formerly distributed releases off his Night Vision label, as well as Voorn contributing tracks to compilations by Gerd Janson and Rick Wilhite.

The release features ten original tracks all contrasting in mood; from the ~9 minute-long Mogwai-esque journey of the opening “Turn Left Right Here”, to the strange choice of found sounds and samples overlaying an moreish 4×4 beat in the album’s closer, “In My World”. This track comes up trumps in our eyes, with a groove that grips you from its very outset. Voorn uses these layers cleverly, enveloping listeners in a sound that becomes infectious instantaneously. A proud moment (of many) from In My World‘s comprehensive body of work.

In My World drops on January 25th, and is available to pre-order from Rush Hour here.

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