Beyond A BPM: The London Aesthetic

10 min

Beyond a BPM is a film made in collaboration with the British Council and Pundersons Gardens that explores the current climate for creatives in London. The London music scene has never been more important or influential than it is now. Something is happening, but what that thing is, nobody really knows. It’s a sprawling movement, taking in influences from dozens of different genres, but however diverse, its sounds and aesthetics are already distinct.

London is at a pivotal moment, and these films are an attempt to collate it all in one place and explore its commonalities. Whatever this emerging scene is, it's full of contradictions: cerebral and angry; soft and confrontational. The hardest sounds are made by people who are more than willing to accept their sensitivities.

Featured in the film are Gaika, Visionist, Liam Hodges, Bala Club (Uli K, Endgame, Yayoyanoh and Kamixlo), James Massiah, Sports Militia and Primitive. Pundersons Garden's Chris Read (Director) and Hector Aponysus (Creative Producer) explain, "From an anthropological perspective, it presented a challenge. We found it fascinating to watch a scene becoming a scene, deciding what it was about, building a uniform or a look, developing a philosophy — but from a purely cultural perspective we felt privileged to witness this amazing and unique thing happening around us."

We've also got a few mixes and playlists in from the film's featured artists — James Massiah, Yayoyanoh, Endgame and Visionist. Dive in below.

Visionist's 12 tracks that resonate with London
Nitin Sawhney "Homelands"
Oxide & Neutrino "Up Middle Finger"
Young Dot "Bazooka Riddim"
Burial "Untrue"
Crazy Cousinz "Inflation"
Untold "Anaconda"
James Blake "The Bells Sketch"
Visionist "Pain"
Chief Keef "Love Sosa"
K9 "Untouchable"
67 "Take It There"
F1 x M Lo x Hurricane "Designer"

Keep eyes peeled for the full Beyond a BPM film dropping later this week.

10 min
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