Boiler Room & Ballantine's Present: Stay True Germany

The fourth stop on our global Stay True Journey with Ballantine's Scotch Whisky took us to Hamburg, Germany. We set out to explore the unique story and history of 20th century classical and electronic music, showing how two genres that may appear disconnected are, in fact, inextricably linked.

'Wanderweg', a short film written and directed by Easton West, investigates the ideas and intentions of classically trained musicians who work with or make electronic music.

With cinematographer Kevin Klein, Easton traveled to Baden in Austria (where Beethoven composed his 9th Symphony) to talk to tone art pioneer Roedelius. Brandt Brauer Frick are filmed talking through their techno to classical process, Julia Holter’s orchestral concert with Berlin-based collective s t a r g a z e is captured, not to mention an audience with techno legend Carl Craig fresh from his live Boiler Room collaboration with classical pianist/producer Francesco Tristano. The documentary explores other aspects of the contemporary classical world with an interview with violinmaker Matthias Von Wallbrunn and German modular analogue synth guru Andreas Schneider in his Berlin shop Schneidersladen.

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