Yale Evelev

8 years ago

Luaka Bop (founded by David Byrne & Yale Evelev) has released some amazing records over the past 25+ years.

Here, our own Gabriel Szatan sat down with Yale to dig into his large vault of records and learn the stories behind his eclectic tastes – from the label's own signees William Onyeabor and Tom Zé, through to Takeshi Terauchi, Shinichi Atobe and plenty of ethnographic goodies.


1:00 William Onyeabor “Poor Boy”
6:32 Tim Maia “Lamento” & “Where is my Other Half”
16:20 Juju
20:20 Dave Alexander “Hoodoo Man”
23:20 Tod Dockstader “Luna Park”
27:40 Alvin Lucier “I Am Sitting In A Room”
31:50 Louis & Bebe Barron “Forbidden Planet” OST
34:20 Mother Mallards Portable Masterpiece Company
36:30 Harmonia “Musik Von Harmonia”
39:30 James Campbell “Jacques Tati’s Playtime” OST
44:00 Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino “Choco’s Guajira”
48:00 寺内タケシとバニーズ
51:20 George Freeman “Birth Sign”
58:55 Ted Taylor “Houston Town”
1:06 Africa Negra “Bó Lega Caco Modebo”
1:09 “some Chutneys single I don’t remember who”.
1:11 Shinichi Atobe – Butterfly Effect


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Yale Evelev
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