Full Circle: Grime In Japan

7 min

Grime has a lot to thank Japan for. Gaming and martial arts film references — whether overt or concealed — and even the use of the pentatonic scale (all the black keys) all link back to the Eastern hemisphere.

With the emergence of heads like Stormzy and Novelist, plus the continued services of names like Skepta and the Butterz family, the genre has been reaching a global audience from late-2014 onwards.

However, not many people were aware that grime's place in Japan stretches back further than that. A small yet potent squad of individuals have been waving the 140BPM flag for almost six years in the Far East. They have their own sound, their own influences and the scene is growing more than ever before.

Join Pakin and co as they share the story of the Eskibeat effect going full circle.

Director/Producer: Joe Alexander
Assistant Producers: Elliott Cushnie, William Lartey & Errol Anderson
Editor: Taichi Kimura
Colour Grading: Martina Piazza

Many thanks to all the artists involved and Team Boiler Room Japan for all their support.

7 min
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