Migrant Sound Ep 1 Arrival

10 min

Our new documentary series, Migrant Sound, explores the impact of migration and music 70 years after Windrush.

SYSTEM a campaign celebrating migration, music and culture 70 years after Windrush

Migrant Sound is a youthful celebration of migration and its impact on the UK’s music and culture. Combining broad societal stories with personal family anecdotal histories, the series will allow for emotional storytelling mixed with vibrant visuals of migrant culture, told through the lens of youth past and present.

The first episode Arrival, fast forwards viewers straight from the arrival of the first generation of Caribbean immigrants to the UK to this year’s Windrush scandal, showing the repeated challenges and disrespect that they have faced since their arrival. Boiler Room meets photographer Pogus Caesar and the Banton family from Peckham, who share how music helped them overcome the ignorance they met and shaped their identities, through multiple generations.

10 min
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