Rioux “Prime Matter”

Raised in Detroit, later shaped in Berlin and New York, Rioux‘s productions are what he describes as “labyrinthine”  – merging the digital with the natural in a surrealist pop form. Following on from a collaborative endeavour with an astrophysicist and a shape-shifting collage video, Rioux’s first offering for 2016 comes in the form of “Prime Matter”.

~4 minutes of Hallowe’en-esque house music, peppered throughout with echoing steel drums, a slowly blossoming bassline and haunting vocals. This enigmatic track builds on Rioux’s notion of “a state of energy in its raw, potential form”, and the pre-empted state of being on the cusp of a great transformation, and the “test” that it comes with.

“Prime Matter” drops via Human Pitch on February 5th. Head this way to get your pre-orders in.

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