Sculpture – ‘Slime Code 1’

Ever look at your tape collection and think “man, that’s not really a collection – I’ve only got 3!” Well, now the time has come to turn that pitiful bunch into a supreme pile of 4. Making that walkman you bought off ebay (that will never leave the house, but does seem to spark a few decent conversations each year), seem all the more worthwhile.

The thing is that tapes are actually dope, as patten, the creative force behind that great LP from last year, realises. In celebration he’s putting out this EP from Sculpture on his label. Listen to it, it’s weird and great. Perfect!

Now, here’s the bit I don’t really understand – but sure does sound impressive. Apparently it’s “series of one-off performed straight-to-tape cassettes. LIMITED DUBS. Each one a unique recording… no two tapes the same.” Which to my simple mind sounds like Sculpture sits at home waiting for orders to arrive and makes a new recording for each one. Now obviously that isn’t true, but it sure does make me want to buy one.

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