Hot Creations/ Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Craig Richards, Miguel Campbell & Richy Ahmed

30 Oct 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

We're back in Loondon to bring you some truly hot creations from the minds of the Hot Creations gang. There will be house music, there will be dancing and there may well be tears too.

Jamie Jones has long been recognised as one of London's finest deep house and techno selectors since his days playing after hours parties at T Bar and well, pretty much every where else in the city and the world since then. As the joint label owner alongside Mr Lee Foss you can expect a thorough run though of what the label is about over this four hour session.

Aaaand yes, of course, Mr Lee Foss will be playing as well. This pair have achieved an awful lot with their label in recent years and it's an honour to get them both down for a session alongside their favourite homies.

Craig Richards, the Fabric resident will be playing too - and no doubt he'll be digging deeper than most!

Mr Miguel Campbell, owner of Outcross Records and fully established artist of the Hot Creations unit, will be there as well.

Richy Ahmed, a Hot Natured resident and Hot Creations inner circle member is going to play some records for you too! So it's time to get excited right? Remember the date folks!


Craig Richards-profile-image
Craig Richards
Lee Foss-profile-image
Lee Foss