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The 411: Bristol

Bristol19 Jul 201817:00 - 21:00 GMT

We're often told that modern life in the post-internet age is atomising us from one another. There are others who insist technology's deep circuitry is connecting us in ways previously unfathomable. Either way, in a climate where digital media, data-sharing & information overload rules supreme, it's impossible to disregard that our daily interactions & relationships are morphing –– but to what effect?

Boiler Room & Tinder are launching The 411: an exploration into love & sex in the digital age. The project will get under the skin of romance & relationships via a UK-wide census, whose results will be presented in a three-part film & event series across the country.

Our launch party takes place in Bristol & will feature: upcoming R&B songtress Tertia May, spoken word artist Vanessa Kisuule & rising DJs Daisy Moon & L U C Y. The event will also premiere the first of three films in The 411 series, amongst art installations from curator Ellen Pearson & visual artist Geiste Kincinaityte.

Bristol19 Jul 201817:00 - 21:00 GMT


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Daisy Moon
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Producer/DJ from Bristol living in London. Released music projects independently and through labels such as Trapdoor, Femme culture & future bounce. DJed for labels such as Bandulu, Butterz & Croydub last year with more sets lined up in 2019. Mixes are 140 focused but all span across a number of different genres from 100 to 160 bpm.

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Tertia May
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Vanessa Kisuule