#47 Hessle Audio Takeover/ Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, Blawan & Joe

14 Mar 2011, 00:00 - 00:00 UTC

- well well well worth it, for reals.

It's more than fair to say that Hessle Audio is the most reliable source for the dopest music around. With a discography reading like a run down of every good club/ dj/ record store, in the musically aware world's, favourite tracks - we're all very, very excited.

For the first time, the full three wise men of Hessle will be up in the Boiler Room. Which for many is reason enough to tune in. For some it's reason enough to leave your wife and become a hermit in South Wales, whose only link to the outside world is an internet connection, Discogs and a P.O Box address.

Ramadanman has recently been attempting to shake off his rather ridiculous title, in favour of Pearson Sound (something which will definitely sound a lot more prestigious when the time for an autobiography rolls around). He's the guy behind some of those tracks which have caused dance related injuries in recent years. So expect him to drop the bomb.

The UK's unofficial best DJ, Ben UFO will also be bringing his most envible of record bags down. Just for y'all to gaze at down the webcam and bore your girlfriend with tales of old SubFM shows. We might even let him play some for a bit.

That Blawan will also be dropping by to play some 'Blawan Music'. A bredda thoroughly on some next tip, and we're really pleased to have him down again.