#49 Standard Place Takeover/ Four Tet, Jacques Greene, Oneman, Reecha & Jon Rust

28 Mar 2011, 23:00 - 23:00 UTC

Standard Place come to air their street level preachings once again for Boiler Room #49, with a line-up that induces party-hype related seizures. Then again, what were you expecting?

We've got god damn Four Tet in the building. A man who we've been into since, well, we were grubby youts. He's one of the most prolific and celebrated UK artists of the last decade for a reason! We may get a little bit speechless during this set.

Here he is with the late Steve Reid, just to kind of show the scale of how rad he is.

Backing that up, the guys are bringing down Jacques Greene. Who you'll most likely have heard about pretty much everywhere on the internet - and he actually has the riddim to back it up. Major props!

His name is Jacques, and he's from Canada - so let's just assume he's French Canadian and is to my knowledge the first French Canadian to have played on Rinse (which you can listen to here). If you know of any other French Canadians who've been on Rinse, please get in touch.

Of course the Standard Place regulars will be in full effect. Sounds of the DJ Oneman, Reecha, Jon Rust and host Asbo to get you lifted. They've had a couple records out between them since the last show - so go part some cash for them.